Chinese Money Plant Care

Best Practices for Chinese Money Plant Care

The Chinese money plant is a fantastic addition to any home. It’s not only fun to look at but also quite easy to take care of. The Chinese money plant care for is more than just looking after a plant, it’s like inviting luck and prosperity into your life.

Chinese Money Plant Care

These plants grow quickly and even produce baby plants that you can share with your friends. Just gazing at the plant can bring a lovely smile to your face because of its unique and quirky appearance.

Before you decide to get your Chinese money plant, make sure to stay with us as we share simple tips on how to take care of them.

The Art of Nurturing Chinese Money Plants

The Chinese money plant, also known as ‘pilea peperomioides,’ has earned nicknames like the ‘Pass-it-on-plant,’ ‘Pancake plant,’ and ‘UFO plant’ because it easily multiplies itself. 

Legend has it that a Norwegian missionary, Agnar Espegren, brought cuttings of this plant home in the 1940s, and as people shared these cuttings with friends and family, the plant spread worldwide.

According to Chinese folklore, this plant brings good fortune and prosperity

When properly cared for, these plants may even surprise you with small white flowers on pink stems, adding a delicate touch of beauty.

So it’s more than just a plant; it’s a story about sharing, luck, and a little bit of natural charm.

Where to Grow the Chinese Money Plant?

To help your Chinese money plant thrive, place it in a spot with bright, indirect light – direct sunlight can harm its leaves. 

If the plant gets a bit of shade, it might even develop larger leaves. 

These plants are tough and can handle chilly temperatures, and exposing them to cooler conditions might even trigger the growth of their cute little white flowers on pink stems. 

So, keep it bright but not too sunny, and a bit of coolness can be good for those lovely blooms.

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Chinese Money Plant Care and Maintenance

Chinese Money Plant Care
Chinese Money Plant

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Taking care of and maintaining your Chinese money plant is quite simple. 

First off, make sure it’s planted in soil that drains well, and the pot it’s in has holes at the bottom to let excess water escape. 

Allow the soil to mostly dry out between waterings, but when it’s warmer and sunnier, give it a bit more water. 

If you notice the leaves looking a bit sad and droopy, that’s a signal it’s time to water.

To keep your plant looking good, turn it around once a week so it grows evenly and doesn’t tilt to one side. 

Also, since the broad leaves can collect dust, it’s a good idea to give your plant a little shower now and then or simply wipe the leaves clean. 

Every month in the spring and summer, treat your Chinese money plant with a general plant fertilizer to keep it happy. 

When it gets warmer outside, you can move your plant outdoors, but be careful not to expose it to direct sunlight. 

How to Grow the Chinese Money Plant

One of the interesting things about the Chinese money plant is that it’s quite the natural sharer, making it spread widely even without being widely sold. 

And guess what? If your plant is in good condition, it will start sending baby plants through the soil. 

Here’s how you can grow the Chinese Money Plant:

  • Spot the Babies: Look for the little plantlets popping up around the mother plant.
  • Separate with Care: Follow the stem about an inch below the soil and use a clean, sharp knife to gently cut the baby plant free from its plant parent.
  • Give Them a New Home: Plant the baby in a new pot and make sure the soil stays a bit moist until the little one gets settled and starts sprouting new leaves.

There’s more:

Sometimes, new plantlets grow directly from the stem.

You can cut these free, let them hang out in the water until they grow roots in a week or two, and then follow the same steps as mentioned above.

Learning to do this yourself not only gives you more plants to enjoy but also lets you share the plant love with friends and family. 

Should I Re-pot My Chinese Money Plant?

Chinese Money Plant
Chinese Money Plant

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If you are thinking about giving your Chinese money plant a new home, you can consider repotting every two years with good, well-draining soil. 

Now, the perfect time for this little plant relocation is during its growing season in early spring. 

When you do decide to repot, make sure to use good-quality soil, preferably the organic stuff.

And there is an interesting part; if you want more plants, you can let your Chinese money plant do its thing. 

It produces baby plants from its roots and stems. When these baby plants show up, you can re-pot them and take care of them just like you do with the big ones. 

With proper attention, the Chinese Money Plant brings happiness to any space. 

Just follow these easy tips to make sure your plant stays happy, grows well, and maybe even gives you some baby plants to share with friends. 

Taking care of it is simple, and in return, it adds a delightful touch to your surroundings.

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