Can I Use My Walmart Discount Card at Sam's Club

Do Walmart Employees Get a Discount on Sam’s Club Membership?

Can I use my Walmart discount card at Sam’s Club? The response to this often-asked question may surprise you. One of the best things about working at Walmart is the employee discount.

Can I Use My Walmart Discount Card at Sam's Club

If you know how to use it, you can save a lot of money for yourself and your family.

We’re going to explain the Walmart Employee Discount in detail so that you have all the info you need to make the most of this awesome benefit.

Can I Use My Walmart Discount Card at Sam’s Club?

Walmart and Sam’s Club are both based in Bentonville, Arkansas, but they have different CEOs, which are John Furner for Walmart and Kathryn McLay for Sam’s Club.

Walmart takes care of its employees by offering benefits, like a discount on regular items, including fresh produce. Just remember, this discount doesn’t apply to items already on sale.

Walmart employees can’t use their discount card directly at Sam’s Club, but they can get a Sam’s Club membership with an automatic payroll deduction.

If you have a Walmart Rewards Card, keep in mind you can’t use it for online shopping at the Sam’s Club website, on the Sam’s Club app, or for in-store vendor purchases.

The Walmart Rewards Card has some rules to follow. You can’t use it wherever MasterCard is accepted.

You can use the Walmart Rewards Card at Walmart stores,, on the Walmart app, Walmart-branded gas stations, Murphy USA gas stations, Sam’s Club-branded gas stations, and for in-store purchases at Sam’s Club.

But, the good news is that you get rewards when you use your card. You get a 5% rebate when you shop on the Walmart website and a 2% rebate when you shop at Walmart stores.

Just know these rewards don’t apply to other Walmart brand stores.

Sam’s Club membership comes with perks like discounts on accounting and tax services. If Walmart employees want a Sam’s Club membership, they can request it from their HR manager.

While it’s not entirely free, the fees can be automatically deducted from their pay.

The benefits depend on the type of Sam’s Club membership chosen, and paying the fees through automatic deduction is optional; employees can choose to pay without it if they prefer.

How to Use the Discount Card

Can I Use My Walmart Discount Card at Sam's Club

Here are the steps on how to use a Walmart discount card:

1. Acquire a Discount Card: Obtain a Walmart discount card through the online Discount Card application at WIRE or from the Walmart website.

2. Report Lost or Stolen Cards: If your card is lost, stolen, or misplaced, promptly report it. Cancel the old card and apply for a new one through the online Discount Card application at WIRE or from the website.

3. Authorized Users: Use the discount card only for yourself, your spouse, and legal dependents, as authorized by Walmart.

4. Adherence to Company Policy: When using the Walmart discount card, refrain from lending it, exchanging it with others, purchasing from third-party vendors, or using items for resale or business purposes.

5. Check Discount Eligibility: Access your Walmart account on the app or website, fill in your cart, and input discount card details in the discount policy section, and the system will identify eligible items, generating a separate discounted bill.

6. Understand Exclusions: Be aware that certain items may not be eligible for the discount. Confirm exclusions by reviewing the cart on the Walmart app or website, and the system will distinguish non-eligible items.

7. Complete Purchase: Once you have confirmed the items eligible for a discount and excluded items, proceed to checkout and complete your purchase.

By following these steps and adhering to Walmart’s discount card policy, you can effectively use your discount card for personal and authorized family purchases while avoiding any misuse or policy violations.

Certain items are not eligible for a discount, including groceries (except fresh produce), gasoline, clearance and sale items, products purchased with a tax exemption ID, eye tests at Walmart’s vision center,

The rest are items for company use with reimbursement, items for charitable events with consideration, shopping cards, marketplace items, online gift cards, digital music downloads, and shipping charges on clearance items.

It’s important to be aware that Walmart can change the list of items eligible for employee discounts at any time.

How Much for Walmart employees at Sam’s Club?

If you work at Walmart and are considering getting a Sam’s Club membership, it’s important to know that there’s no special discount on membership fees for Walmart employees.

The cost for a Sam’s Club membership is the same for both Walmart employees and regular members. However, Walmart employees can opt for automatic payroll deduction for their Sam’s Club membership.

The Sam’s Club membership itself offers benefits like discounts on financial services and accounting, as well as discounted prices at numerous car dealerships across the United States.

If you’re a Walmart employee and curious about getting a membership at Sam’s Club, the sister store, Just know that Walmart associates don’t get a free Sam’s Club membership.

Even if you work directly at Sam’s Club, the discount on membership fees is modest.

However, as a Walmart employee, you can still sign up for a Sam’s Club membership at the regular price, and the good part is, that you can do it with automatic payroll deduction.

This means the cost is spread out in small increments from your paycheck, making it convenient and affordable.

Who is Eligible for the Walmart Employee Discount?

Can I Use My Walmart Discount Card at Sam's Club

The Walmart Employee Discount program is a great way for Walmart employees to be recognized for their hard work.

This program offers special discounts on a variety of products and services, allowing employees to save money as an incentive for their jobs.

With this benefit, employees can get a 10% discount on in-store purchases and a 5% discount on online purchases for specific items.

To qualify, employees need to meet certain criteria, which typically include being an active employee for 90 days.

After this period, employees receive a Walmart Associate Discount Card, which they can use to access the discount. The discount is available to all Walmart employees, regardless of their weekly working hours.

Once employees have the discount card, they can easily link it to their personal Walmart account for seamless use during both in-store and online shopping.

Even if you are buying groceries or household items, the discount card ensures significant savings.

Walmart and Sam’s Club operate separately with different CEOs, and the Walmart discount card doesn’t work at Sam’s Club, being a Walmart employee still comes with benefits.

Walmart employees enjoy a solid 10% discount on various items and services.

Although this doesn’t extend to Sam’s Club, there’s a way for Walmart employees to sign up for a Sam’s Club membership with an automatic deduction.

So, while you can’t directly use your Walmart discount card at Sam’s Club, there are still ways to make the most of the benefits each offers.

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