Photographer Rosie Osborne has finally completed her in-depth book that looks at some of the industry’s most celebrated artists, after starting the project at just 13 years-old . Here, we discover more about Free Spirits

Intimate interviews and captivating imagery make up Free Spirits, a book and quest that see’s professional photography Rosie Osborne meet and interact with renowned artists across Cornwall, London and Paris. Inspired by her time in St Ives, Osborne began writing the book at age 13 and saw it released on the eve of her 30th birthday this autumn.

The lifelong project has seen Rosie reflect, admire and capture art and its creators in a unique way, an includes never before documented interview with Sylvette David as well as what is now regarded as abstract painter Sandra Blow’s final interview before her death. The book also features an interview with LA based Danny Fox in his native Cornwall alongside discussions with artists such as Guy Yanai, JonOne and Erin Lawlor. In what has become a passion and powerful inspiration for Rosie, it’s incredible to see the book finally come to fruition,

‘The more artists that I visited and spoke to as a teenager, the more I felt intrigued to talk to others. When I was 17, I made a promise to myself that I’d release a book, documenting all of the inspiring stories that I had collected, before I turned 30’, she says.

‘I told myself that there was no other option but to do it, whatever it took.’ The next 13 years were filled with encounters all over the world with artists in their homes and studios. ‘The funny, tragic, inspiring words and stories that I heard over those years were a compass for where I went next, and the decisions that I made, and the energy of each person that I interviewed has stayed with me ever since’.

Free Spirits is a compelling compilation of 13 minute, intimate interviews gathered together and beautifully presented by this determined photographer. Each offers a new and different insight into the art world, whilst enabling the reader to gain a deeper insight into the minds and emotions of these talented creators who have helped shape modern art history.

Free Spirits is available to purchase at £30 from, only 500 first edition copies will be released, all signed by the author.