Baby Elf on the Shelf

Baby Elf on the Shelf for a Christmas Season

The Elf on the Shelf is a fun Christmas tradition that started in the United States. When we talk about a baby elf on the shelf, it is a smaller or mini version of the regular elf figure. Some people use tinier elves or make up a story where the elf has a baby friend.

Baby Elf on the Shelf

Are you using a smaller elf or weaving a creative storyline around the arrival of a baby companion? The tiny elf on the shelf provides a festive touch to your holiday celebrations.

If you are ready to learn more about the baby elf on the shelf, let’s go!

Baby Elf on the Shelf You Can Adopt

Baby Elf on the Shelf involves a cute little elf doll that Santa sends to keep an eye on kids’ behavior before Christmas. 

Every day, parents move the elf to different spots around the house, and the idea is that the elf goes back to Santa at night to report on how the kids are behaving.

It’s like a little game where kids try to be on their best behavior because they know Santa is keeping tabs on the elf.

Lots of families have adopted this tradition because it adds a special touch to the holiday season. 

The following elves can be added to the Elf on the Shelf to celebrate Christmas:

1. Elf Baby Twins

Baby Twins is a pair of little Christmas elves, one male and one female!

These tiny elves add extra fun and surprises to your Elf on the Shelf adventures for the little ones.

Imagine your children’s delight as they discover the daily activities and fun that these elf babies get up to.

These children spread love and cheer throughout the holiday season.

For extra holiday magic, these twins make fantastic surprises to include in advent calendars or as cute additions to stockings. 

They’re beautiful gifts that bring an extra dose of adorableness to your family’s Christmas traditions. 

Baby Elf on the Shelf
Newborn Twin Elf Dolls

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2. Elf Baby With Birth Certificate

This adorable little elf is here to make your Christmas even more memorable, and guess what? It comes with an official birth certificate from Santa himself.

It’s a way to give your little buddy an official Elf name. And the best part? It’s a free printable that you can easily grab, download, and print. 

It’s like giving your elf a special identity card, officially saying they’re part of your family.

Remember to fill out this official Elf Adoption Certificate with care. And here’s the extra magical touch – it’s Santa Claus-approved, complete with an official stamp straight from the North Pole. 

If you’re a fan of fun and festive traditions, this official certificate is a must-have during the holiday season. 

Now, if you want to give your new elf a warm welcome and officially make them a part of the family, we’ve got you covered. 

You can check out our Elf on the Shelf Adoption Certificate on Esty! 

Baby Elf on the Shelf
Elf Birth Certificate

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3. Toddler Elf Boy

Meet the Toddler Elf boy – your Elf on the Shelf’s adorable baby who has now grown into a playful toddler! 

This little guy is all about fun and games, especially a good game of hide and seek. He’s traveled from the North Pole to join your holiday celebrations and make this Christmas extra special.

Unlike those mass-produced elves, this Toddler Elf boy is something special – handcrafted in the USA, not churned out by a factory. He’s not just an elf; he’s a family tradition waiting to happen.

And here’s the fun part – he comes with two surprise plastic toys and a certificate signed by Santa himself. 

You get to choose a name for your toddler elf, making it a personalized and magical experience. 

This little guy stands at about 3-5 inches tall and is 1 inch wide, making him the perfect companion for your shelf or any other spot you’d like to keep him.

Just a heads up, though – his clothes are not removable, so no wardrobe changes for this toddler elf. 

Get the family together, create new traditions, and capture those priceless moments with Toddler Elf Boy when you get him from your favorite store.

Baby Elf on the Shelf
Baby Elf toddler boy

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4. Tiny Elf Doll

These are baby twins, adding new members to the elf family. 

Each elf is about 4.3 inches tall, weighs 6 grams, and has a plastic body. 

The elf heads can move, but the arms and legs are fixed. The clothes and hats are made of soft fabric and can’t be taken off.

You’ll receive a set of 6 small elf dolls, with 3 in green and 3 in red when you order from Amazon.

Baby Elf on the Shelf
Tiny Elf Doll

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5. Baby Elf Twins Winter and Frost

These little elves, born in the North Pole, are perfect for your shelf or any cozy spot. 

They’re around 3-5 inches tall and 1 inch wide. You can play games with them or just enjoy their cuteness. 

Dressed in cozy swaddles and hats that can’t be taken off, they’re soft and sweet additions to your space. 

Baby Elf on the Shelf
Baby Elf Twins Winter and Frost

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Elf on the Shelf makes your family’s holiday traditions more magical, turning regular moments into fantastic memories. 

It does not matter whether it’s the cute antics of the Elf Baby Twins or the playful Toddler Elf Boy, each new addition to your Elf on the Shelf crew adds to the special magic that makes Christmas feel cozy and full of love. 

So, get into the holiday spirit, start some fun traditions, and may your Christmas be filled with happiness, love, and the fun surprises these little elves bring to your home. 

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