Does UPS Ground Deliver on Saturday?

What Time Does UPS Ground Deliver on Saturday?

Does Ups Ground Deliver on Saturday? United Parcel Service as a shipping company is expanding. One proof of its growth is the establishment of the UPS Ground. This awesome shipping service by UPS offers fast and reliable land conveyance of shipments.

Does Ups Ground Deliver on Saturday

Many clients have an undeniable need to ship items to either business partners or friends and family on land, which has raised curiosity to know if Saturday delivery is possible.

We will not forget the fact that the UPS Ground courier service is designed for domestic shipping or goods transportation.

Here, we will help you gather enough facts on whether UPS Ground will deliver your items on Saturday being a weekend day and not a business day.

Does UPS Ground Deliver on Saturday?

Yes, UPS Ground does deliver packages on Sunday. Package delivery is not the only activity on Saturday, they also do package pick up.

Starting now, UPS Ground packages collected on Saturdays can be delivered as soon as Monday, eliminating the necessity for businesses to halt order processing on Fridays.

UPS has long provided Saturday delivery options for UPS Express and international shipments.

Residential customers can enjoy the benefit of receiving Ground shipments two days earlier without any additional processing or expenses on the sender’s end.

However, it is necessary to note that UPS does not offer Saturday delivery to all locations. Read on to see if your location is on the list.

Where Do UPS Deliver on Saturday?

UPS offers Saturday delivery to residences in more than 100 metropolitan regions across the United States. 

Qualifying residential packages will now be delivered on Saturday, a full two days ahead, without any extra cost or alterations to labeling, systems, or order processing.

Saturday deliveries are accessible to approximately 85% of the people residing in densely populated postal code areas. 

When it comes to ground delivery for residential packages, there are no extra charges.

USPS will offer Saturday SurePost and Sunday SurePost deliveries in specific regions throughout the United States.

Also, UPS stands out as the sole major carrier providing Saturday ground deliveries for businesses, subject to a fee of $4 per package. 

Still, customers can enjoy free delivery if they opt for UPS’s commercial delivery services and schedule a Saturday pickup.

How Long Does it Take UPS Ground to Deliver?

How Long Does it Take UPS Ground to Deliver?

If you’re sending a package within the same state or nearby states, UPS Ground shipments often arrive within 1-3 business days.

For packages traveling across several states but not cross-country, you can expect delivery within 2-5 business days.

When shipping from coast to coast or across a considerable distance, UPS Ground may take 5-7 business days or slightly longer.

Delivery to rural or remote areas may take an additional day or two due to the longer transportation distances.

However, the duration it takes for a UPS Ground shipment to arrive can differ depending on many factors, including:

  • The distance the package needs to travel, 
  • Origin and destination locations, 
  • Shipping route, and any potential delays. 

How Much is UPS Ground Weekend Delivery?

For UPS Ground packages, there is an additional $4 per package price for Saturday delivery apart from the regular rate.

However, this cost will be determined by the type of delivery service you are using from UPS and will always be evaluated package by package.

For example, UPS 2nd Day Air packages will always be more expensive than UPS Ground deliveries.

You will be charged a $16 delivery cost. That’s different from the regular fees.

Can I Pick Up My UPS Ground Packages On Saturday?

Yes, you can schedule a pickup for your UPS Ground packages on Saturday.

This is because UPS has extended its weekend pickup hours, enabling both business and residential clients to have access to their packages on weekends.

With this decision, UPS has a considerable competitive edge that helps businesses fulfill orders more quickly and efficiently.

You can always schedule a pickup online on UPS’s official website.

Commercial clients can use their online UPS commercial dashboard or speak with their UPS agent to arrange regular Saturday pickups with their shipping partners.

How Do I Find Out Where My UPS Package Is?

How Do I find out what UPS Facility my Parcel is at?

To find out which UPS facility your package is currently at, you can follow these steps:

1. Track Your Package

Begin by locating the tracking number for your package. This tracking number is typically provided to you by the sender or retailer.

Also, it is essential to monitor your shipment’s progress.

2. Visit the UPS Website

Go to the official UPS website. Look for the Tracking option on the UPS website.

It is usually prominently displayed on the main page. Click on it to access the tracking tool.

3. Enter Your Tracking Number

In the tracking tool, put your tracking number into the assigned field and then click on the Track Package button.

Once you enter your tracking number, UPS will provide you with comprehensive tracking details regarding your package. This information encompasses the parcel’s present whereabouts, its journey history, and approximate delivery date.

4. Identify the Facility

Look for the precise facility or distribution center where your parcel is currently located in the tracking information.

The website should list the facility’s name and location.

5. Contact UPS Customer Service

If you are unable to locate facility information or require additional details, you have the option to reach out to UPS customer service for support. 

Their team will give you more information and assist in resolving any issues or inquiries you might encounter.

6. Consider Delivery Options

If you find that your package is located at a UPS facility and you wish to retrieve it or modify the delivery, you can utilize the gathered information to strategize your next actions. 

You might have the option to ask for a package hold or organize a delivery to a different location.

Keep in mind that the tracking details are consistently refreshed, allowing you to monitor your package’s progress within the UPS network until it reaches its ultimate destination. 

Finally, you have to always remember that UPS might not deliver to your location on Saturday if it is not in the United States of America.

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