Gifts for Plant Lovers

55 Unique and Thoughtful Gifts for Plant Lovers

If you’ve got a friend or family member who’s crazy about plants and shares more plant pictures than selfies, finding the best gifts for plant lovers as such might seem a bit tricky. Don’t stress!

Gifts for Plant Lovers

We’re here to help you navigate the internet jungle and discover the perfect plant-inspired gifts for your green-thumbed loved ones.

Whether you’re on a budget or ready to splurge, there are tons of options that will make the plant enthusiasts in your life super happy.

So, whether it’s a birthday, housewarming, holiday, or just a special day, check out these ideas for some plant-related gifts!

55 Unique Gifts for Plant Lovers

From cute and practical accessories to unique plant varieties, there’s a world of options for making your plant lover friend’s day extra special.

Let’s explore 55 fantastic gift ideas that will surely bring a smile to any green thumb’s face!

Those unique gifts include;

1. Orchid’s Little Helper

gifts for plant lovers
LEOBRO 4 Pack Plant Support Stakes

Order Now At Amazon

For those who aren’t super patient or lucky with orchids, Amazon has this Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste.

It’s made from lanolin and a plant-growth hormone called cytokinin. Instead of waiting for your orchid to bloom again naturally, you can apply this paste to the little buds on the stems.

It tricks the main plant into making an exact copy, which means new blooms. It can also work for other plants like jades, bonsais, African violets, roses, and geraniums. Handy, right?

2. A Can-do Watering Can

gifts for plant lovers
Remiawy Watering Can Indoor Outdoor

Order Now At Amazon

Here’s a watering can with a really long spout that’s great for reaching hanging plants and tricky spots in the garden.

It’s called the Spout Watering Can. The clear body lets you see when it’s time for a refill, and there are lines to measure plant food easily.

It’s not the best for really big plants that need a lot of water, but it looks cute whether you keep it in the garage or use it in your indoor garden.

3. Tuscan Farmhouse Ceramic Pitcher

gifts for plant lovers
Farmhouse Embossed Stripe Ceramic Pitcher

Order Now At Amazon

A fancy vase can make any bunch of flowers look amazing, and this Tuscan-style pitcher is no exception.

Even a few wildflowers will look like they’re straight out of a magazine. The vase has a cool, worn-out gray look that gives off an artistic vibe.

Somehow, it manages to both catch your eye and fit in perfectly with the rest of your decorations.

4. An Elegant Avocado Vase

gifts for plant lovers
Avocado Seed Starter Vase Planter

Order Now At Amazon

Plant lovers will love watching their avocado plants grow in the special Avocado Vase. It’s designed for the avocado pit to sit perfectly in the water, and then you just let it do its thing.

The vase is made of strong glass that won’t easily break, and it comes in cool colors like clear, smoke gray, and blue.

Plus, it even comes with a handy book with info about avocados and tips on how to grow them.

5. Lego Icons Succulents Artificial Plants Set

gifts for plant lovers
Lego Icons Succulents Plant Artificial Flowers Set

Order Now At Amazon

If your friend wants live plants but isn’t great at keeping them alive, here’s a cool and cute Lego succulent display set.

Building it is a fun and relaxing activity.

And once they’re done, they’ll have a colorful decoration to display at home.

6. Plant Clips

gifts for plant lovers
BEADNOVA Plant Clips 50Pcs Orchid Clips

Order Now At Amazon

Instead of letting a vine plant hang straight down, these nearly invisible clips let your friend get creative with the height and even go vertical for a cool indoor garden look.

The set comes with strong adhesive stickers to securely attach each clip, and there are a few extras, just in case.

These clips are small, so they won’t stand out and will blend in nicely with your friend’s growing plant collection.

7. Succulent Live Wreath

gifts for plant lovers
Wood Bead Eucalyptus Leaf Wreath

Order Now At Amazon

Unlike the other gifts that work any time, this live succulent wreath is ideal for the holiday season.

It’s made from real succulents, so it’ll last for years. It’s easy to take care of and stands out from the usual Christmas wreaths.

Your friend’s door will be the most unique one in the neighborhood!

8. Pure Garden Folding Garden Stool Tool Bag and Tools

gifts for plant lovers
HOME Garden Tool Set

Order Now At Amazon

Your gardening friend will love having this handy folding stool when they need a break from all the weeding, pruning, sowing, and seeding.

Plus, it comes with five tools, and there’s a neat spot under the seat to hang them.

Perfect for a comfortable gardening break!

9. Cotton Crusher Hat

gifts for plant lovers
Bucket Hat

Order Now At Amazon

Get your favorite gardener a good hat to keep the sun off.

This lightweight cotton bucket hat is perfect for hours of weeding and planting.

It has UPF 50 sun protection, a big brim, and even a drawstring for a snug fit. Gardening made comfy!

10. Thermacell Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller

gifts for plant lovers
Electronic Mosquito Repeller

Order Now At Amazon

Your gardening friend can now enjoy plenty of time outdoors without being bothered by mosquitoes.

This Thermacell rechargeable device keeps those pesky bugs away.

It creates a bug-free zone for your friend to weed and water the garden safely.

11. Lush Garden

gifts for plant lovers
Lush Decor Royal Garden

Order Now At Amazon

Getting this beautiful collection of succulents is sure to make anyone happy, especially if they love plants.

The Lush Garden is about 12 inches long, 7.5 inches wide, and 6 inches tall.

It is packed with plants that will stay looking great for much longer than cut flowers.

12. Farmhouse Pottery Small Glazed Stoneware Garden Pot

gifts for plant lovers
Set of 2 Stoneware Planter Pots

Order Now At Amazon

Amazon always has cool and stylish stuff for the home.

Take, for example, this stoneware pot that has a rustic look.

It’s got a milky glaze finish, giving it a cool rustic shine that’ll make your friend’s plants look awesome.

13. Window Hanging Plant 2-Tier Shelf

gifts for plant lovers
2-Tier Acrylic Hanging Plant Shelves

Order Now At Amazon

Got a friend with a space that’s not so sunny?

It’s a cool way to bring in some green without blocking the light.

Plus, it comes with five different ways to mount and hang it, so it fits almost any setup.

14. Secret Garden Gift Set

gifts for plant lovers
Alloy Gardeners Gardening Tools

Order Now At Amazon

Bring the garden inside with this nice-smelling gift set.

It has lavender-scented hand cream and soap, and a diffuser with wildflower oil and reeds.

It also has a small boxwood topiary, and a sampler of organic, caffeine-free, flower-infused teas.

15. Plant Parent Dad Hat

gifts for plant lovers
Dad Hat Black

Order Now At Amazon

Hey, all you cool folks, make some room because here comes a dad hat.

It says “Plant Parent” and is just right for those who want everyone to know they’ve got happy plants at home.

It really a nice gift to get for that plant lover friend.

16. Rib Planter Sleeve Set

gifts for plant lovers

PLANTERS Lightly Salted Cashew Halves & Pieces

Order Now At Amazon

These happy planter sleeves can spruce up your friend’s old pots and vases.

They just slip them over the pots they already have, giving their space a fresh look.

Each set has two sleeves – one medium and one small – and they come in four colorful designs.

17. Plant Parent Vino Set

gifts for plant lovers
Vino SET

Order Now At Amazon

Check out these plastic wine “glasses” from Amazon – they’ve got cool plant designs like cacti and monsters.

They say they’re unbreakable, so they’re great for friends who tend to be a bit clumsy or for those with pools (you know, where glass can be risky).

And the best part? They’re affordable!

18. Seasonal Garden Plant Subscription

gifts for plant lovers
A seasonal guide to medicinal plants

Order Now At Amazon

Every month, they get a bunch of plants that match the season, like herbs in spring or indoor plants in winter.

If seasonal isn’t their thing, no worries!

This medicinal Plant guide has other options, like plants that are safe for pets, cool succulents, and more.

19. Houseplant Handbook

gifts for plant lovers

Houseplant Handbook

Order Now At Amazon

Whether your friend is a pro gardener or just starting out with plants, they’ll love this “Houseplant Handbook.”

It’s a helpful guide with lots of colorful pictures, giving tips on watering, feeding, growing new plants, and more for over 300 different types of plants.

It’s a must-have for anyone into plants!

20. Printing “Just One More Plant” Shirt

gifts for plant lovers
Floral T-Shirt

Order Now At Amazon

If your friend can’t stop getting more plants, this shirt is for them.

It has a funny “Just One More” saying on the front, a playful nod to their never-ending love for all things green.

I think you should get this lovely gift.

21. Garden Scissors

gifts for plant lovers
Pruners Set with Gardening Gloves

Order Now At Amazon

If you have a friend who spends a lot of time cutting and picking in the garden, they might need some new garden scissors.

These ones from Amazon are fancier than what they’d probably get for themselves, which makes them a great gift!

They have big handles that are easy to hold, whether you’re left or right-handed. And the best part? You can sharpen the blades when they get dull, so these scissors will last a long time.

22. Silicone Monstera Trivets

gifts for plant lovers
Silicone Monstera

Order Now At Amazon

Check out these cute trivets inspired by Monstera leaves! They bring a fun jungle vibe to the kitchen.

Because they are made of premium silicone, they can withstand temperatures as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Plus, they’re flexible, so your friend can use them as potholders or to open tight jars. Handy and adorable!

23. Real Touch Faux Tulip Bundle

gifts for plant lovers
Artificial Tulips Flowers

Order Now At Amazon

Got a friend who loves having fresh flowers but doesn’t want the hassle of buying them all the time?

This bundle of fake tulips is perfect for bringing a touch of freshness to their space.

The experts at Afloral made these white blooms look and feel just like the real deal. And the best part? No mess!

24. Midnight Bloom Woven Throw Blanket

gifts for plant lovers
Throw Woven Blanket

Order Now At Amazon

Your friend who takes care of plants all the time could use a break.

Why not give them this cozy throw with a pretty flower print?

It’s so soft that it’s practically calling for a nap underneath. Perfect for some well-deserved relaxation!

25. Moonwake Designs Co Plant Tote Bag

gifts for plant lovers
Grocery Shopping Bag 

Order Now At Amazon

Here’s a shopping tote that can handle all your plant care stuff!

It’s made of cotton canvas and is great for carrying shovels, spades, and other tools.

Plus, the cute design is also available on a coffee mug if you want to give your friend a matching set of plant-themed goodies.

26. High-Performance Gardening Gloves

gifts for plant lovers
Compatible Fingertips Gloves

Order Now At Amazon

Bright gardening gloves are a fantastic and budget-friendly gift.

These ones are extra handy – they work with touchscreens.

So your friend can text or take pictures of their beautiful plants without taking the gloves off.

27. Hand-Poured Terrarium Candle

gifts for plant lovers
Terrarium Candle Gift 

Order Now At Amazon

This cool candle is like a mix of a candle and a piece of art.

It’s perfect for plant lovers who enjoy decorating with greenery as much as they enjoy growing it. The candle is made in Canada and has a nice scent of pine and vanilla.

As you use it, the wax melts down, creating a cool marbled, swirly pattern.

28. Green Shoots Notebook

gifts for plant lovers
Journal Notebook

Order Now Amazon

Check out this awesome notebook with pretty palm fronds on it. You can even add your plant-loving friend’s name!

If they’re serious about gardening, they can use it to jot down growth details and bloom times.

If they’re not that serious, they can doodle or take notes on it. You can choose between a hardcover or a softcover – whatever suits your style!

29. Poppy and Pour White Floral and Gold Flake Resin Coasters

gifts for plant lovers
Red Poppy Flower Coaster

Order Now At Amazon

If your friend is a plant enthusiast and wants plants everywhere, why not add some to their bar cart or coffee table?

These cool coasters are made of resin and have dried flowers and greens inside.

They are all sparkled up with gold flakes for a fancy touch during happy hour.

30. Chen Chen and Kai Williams Stacking Planter

gifts for plant lovers
Railing Planter

Order Now At Amazon

If you’re into plants, you know it’s crucial to have pots that drain well.

Areaware offers white stoneware and terracotta stacking planters.

They’re clever because the saucer is tucked away at the bottom, making drainage easy and subtle.

31. Philodendron Green, Medium

gifts for plant lovers
Green Philosophy

Order Now At Amazon

Philodendrons are great for beginners because they’re really easy to take care of.

This one comes in a nice pot, and you can choose from four different colors. It’s not just for new plant owners – even experienced plant lovers will like it!

32. Succulent Puzzle

gifts for plant lovers
Succulent Puzzle

Order Now At Amazon

If your friend loves plants and enjoys solving problems (like why Alocasia leaves turn yellow), they might enjoy a 1,000-piece succulent garden puzzle.

It even comes with a handy bag to keep all the pieces in.

And once finished, it makes a cool 28″ x 20″ picture. Perfect for a fun and challenging time!

33. Mountain Sunset Needle Felting Kit

gifts for plant lovers
Needle Felting Kit

Order Now At Amazon

If you have a friend obsessed with their Swiss Cheese Plant and wants to put it on everything, consider getting them the Monstera Needle Felting Kit.

It includes simple-to-follow instructions and links to useful videos, making it ideal for novices.  

It should take about five hours to finish, making it a great activity to do while watching shows like “The Big Flower Fight” on Netflix!

34. The Smart Garden 3

gifts for plant lovers
 Plants Germination Kit 

Order Now At Amazon

If your plant-loving friend is into cool tech, check out the Smart Garden 3. It’s like a self-sufficient indoor garden that you can control with an app.

Your friend can grow fresh herbs and produce, like basil, mini tomatoes, and wild strawberries, without much effort.

It’s like having a garden that takes care of itself!

35. Social Stationery Set

gifts for plant lovers
Stationery Set 

Order Now At Amazon

A stationary set is always a good gift idea, so why not get your plant-loving friend this one from Amazon?

It comes with 12 flat notes and envelopes, and there are three different botanical designs in each set.

Perfect for sending notes in style!

36. Pilea Plant Enamel Keychain

gifts for plant lovers
Keychain Gift

Order Now At Amazon

If you’re sending gifts far away, consider these cute enamel keychains.

And here’s a bonus: you can stick one in a regular envelope and mail it for just a couple of stamps.

Easy and adorable!

37. Gift Box -1 Airplant and 1 Succulent

gifts for plant lovers
Succulent Gift Wrap Bag

Order Now At Amazon

Who doesn’t love adding another cute succulent to their collection?

This gift box has a sweet package – it comes with an air plant and stand, a succulent with its container, stickers, and you get to pick a greeting card.

Choose from birthday, thank you, congratulations, Mother’s/Father’s Day, or just leave it blank. It’s like a little green bundle of joy!

38. AeroGarden Harvest

gifts for plant lovers
Aerogarden Seed Pod Kit

Order Now At Amazon

If your friend loves checking out your garden, how about giving them their own?

The AeroGarden, a top-notch indoor garden, has space for six plant pods and stands 12 inches tall.

It’s super easy to use, and it even gives automatic reminders to water and feed the plants – so it’s pretty much foolproof. They can grow their own food hassle-free!

39. Nature Geometry III Throw Pillow

gifts for plant lovers
Throw Pillow Covers

Order Now At Amazon

Here’s a cool pillow for your plant-obsessed friend! It’s not too obvious but still a nod to their love for plants.

The pillow from Amazon has a unique geometric design on both sides and comes with a comfy faux-down insert.

Plus, each pillow is cut and sewn by hand, so it’s like a thoughtful spot for your friend to take a nap and dream about their favorite leafy pals.

40. Essential Garden Tote and Tools

gifts for plant lovers
Gardening Tool Set

Order Now At Amazon

If your friend has a ton of plant stuff but no good place to put it, get them a nice garden tote. This one is handy with side pockets and elastic bands to keep tools organized.

Inside, there’s a big space for gloves, fertilizer, plant markers, and whatever else they need.

And guess what? It even comes with three steel hand tools – a planting trowel, a digging trowel, and a cultivator. It’s like a plant lover’s dream organizer!

41. Mushroom Botanical | Modern Paint By Numbers Kit

gifts for plant lovers
Mushroom DIY Paint by Number

Order Now At Amazon

Paint-by-number kits are like a double gift – you get a calming activity to enjoy and a cool piece of art to show off.

This mushroom painting has a mix of modern, vintage, and whimsical vibes.

So it works well with all kinds of decorating styles.

42. Ron Finley Teaches Gardening

gifts for plant lovers
Mini Farming

Order Now Amazon

If you want to help someone kick their houseplant love up a notch and become a self-sufficient gardener, consider getting them a Masterclass annual membership.

It’s a popular gift because there are lots of cool things to learn, and one of them is gardening.

Ron Finley, the “Gangster Gardener,” has a 10-class series that teaches everything from making your garden awesome to growing your own food.

43. Preserved Fern Kokedama

gifts for plant lovers
Kokedama Planter

Order Now At Amazon

Preserved plants have a special vibe – they’re like a gift you can enjoy without the hassle of taking care of them.

This Preserved Fern Kokedama from The Sill is one of those cool plants that has been naturally preserved.

And it looks seriously impressive.

44. Watering Can

gifts for plant lovers
Small Watering Can Indoor Plants

Order Now Amazon

It’s not easy to find a stylish watering can, but this one from Amazon is a real beauty.

It’s like a piece of art that you can just display on a shelf and admire. The best part? It’s made of tough solid brass, so you can actually use it to water your plants.

45. Framed Monstera Abstract, 8″ x 10″

gifts for plant lovers
Green Gold Monstera (8×10)

Order Now At Amazon

This cool wall art shows a super close-up of a monster plant. It gives a new twist to a classic look.

You can pick from six color options and choose from 12 frames (some cost a bit extra) to match whatever style you’ve got going on in your place.

46. Copper Spade Decorative Aluminum Garden Tool Set

gifts for plant lovers
Garden Hand Tools

Order Now At Amazon

Whether your friend likes gardening in the yard, taking care of balcony plants, or messing around with indoor displays, they’ll need some tools.

This set has the basics – clippers, a small shovel, and a hand rake.

And they look really nice with a watercolor-style print.

47. Modern Sprout Pollinator Seed Lollipops Set Of 3

gifts for plant lovers
Microgreens Growing Kit

Order Now At Amazon

When it comes to gardening, getting pollinators like bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies is key.

Try these three “lollipops” – just stick them in the ground, and they’ll do the rest.

Each stick has different flower seeds that will drop and grow into lovely blossoms, bringing in the wildlife you want. And let’s not forget, the packaging is super cute!

48. Bunny Williams Bird Feeder

gifts for plant lovers
Window Bird Feeders 

Order Now At Amazon

If your friend loves plants, they probably like birds too. So, how about giving them this cute bird feeder?

It’ll bring feathered friends to the garden, and you can enjoy their sweet songs.

The feeder has six little spots for the birds and is made of glass and strong black iron that won’t rust. Plus, it looks great with any iron gates and fixtures in the garden.

49. Bromeliad Antonio

gifts for plant lovers
Bromeliad Stems

Order Now At Wayfair

Guess what? This gorgeous tropical plant is like a cousin to the pineapple.

It’s called a bromeliad, and in the wild, it loves gathering water in its leaves and enjoys lots of humidity. That’s why it’s perfect for your bathroom!

And can we talk about how stunning the bright pink color is on this plant that’s also safe for pets?

50. Plant Stools

gifts for plant lovers
Wooden Plant Stool Indoor

Order Now At Amazon

They’re made of plain wood and are smaller than they seem in the picture (which is a plus!). The tallest one is only a foot high.

Your plant-loving friend can use them to make a nice, varied display or give shorter plants a lift in a group.

Unlike other fancy and pricey plant stands, these are cheap and simple.

51. Seedling Starters

gifts for plant lovers
Seed Starter Kit 

Order Now At Order

For your friend who loves growing plants from tiny seeds, this would be a fantastic gift. It’s a simple two-piece tool that keeps on giving.

All they have to do is take a strip of newspaper, spend about 15 seconds wrapping it around the wood dowel, press it into the base, and there you go!

They’ll have a perfect 1.75-inch paper pot for seeds to sprout in. When it’s time to move the little plants, they can just put the whole pot in a planter – it’ll break down over time and won’t harm the delicate roots.

52. Everlasting Lego Succulents

gifts for plant lovers
Succulents Plant Decor Building Kit

Order Now At Amazon

When all your real plants are doing great, why not try something fun? Build your own Lego Succulents!

There are nine cute little plants like aloe vera and hens and chicks, each about 6 inches tall. They even come with their own tiny planters, so you can arrange them however you like – together or on their own.

The kit has 771 pieces, and if your friend loves it, there’s a whole Lego Botanical Collection with more cool plant builds!

53. Gilded Botanicals Iron + Velvet Garland

gifts for plant lovers

Order Now At Wayfair

Make your friend’s holiday decorations pop with this fancy gold garland.

It’s not your usual pine stuff – it’s got charming iron and velvet flowers that really catch the eye.

The best part? They can leave it up all year, and it’ll always look good, no matter the season.

54. Miracle Pot

gifts for plant lovers
Crock Pot by Miracle Exclusives

Order Now At Amazon

These cute self-watering planters in terra-cotta and glass are like plant-savers. They soak up water slowly to keep the soil just right for your indoor plants.

Her almost-dead fiddle-leaf fig turned into a healthy beauty in just a few months with the Self-Watering Wet Pot Planter. It’s like having two pots – a terra-cotta one inside a glass tank.

Fill the glass with water, and the terra-cotta pot drinks it up based on how thirsty the soil is. But, fair warning, this is for plants that love a good drink, not the ones that prefer dry soil like succulents or orchids.

55. Grouchy Gardener Mini Garden Multi Tool

gifts for plant lovers
Mini Gardening Hand Tools

Order Now At Amazon

Every gardener should have good tools, and this mini shovel is like a superhero in their kit. It’s not just a shovel – it can also be a garden pick, hoe, and quick cutter.

Plus, surprise, surprise, it doubles as a bottle opener! Because let’s face it, a well-deserved break after gardening is a must.

And the best part? It comes in three cool colors, and it’s affordable. So, it won’t cost you a fortune to make your gardening buddy super happy!

If you’re ever stuck on what to get for your plant-loving pals, remember that the best gifts are the ones that bring a touch of nature into their lives.

Whether it’s a quirky pot, a handy watering gadget, or a new addition to their growing plant family, the joy of giving is as delightful as watching a seed sprout into a flourishing plant.

So, go ahead, spread some green love, and make your plant enthusiast friend’s day a little greener and a lot brighter!

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