When it comes to what we eat, we’re all too aware of the damages a diet of high salt, high sugar and high saturated fats can do to our bodies. So, with that being said, why should we view what our dogs eat any less? The truth is, a lot of us, if asked, wouldn’t be able to say what exactly goes into the food we feed our pets. Now, the team behind Doggy Day Care Cornwall and Natural Cornish Pet Shop are here to shed some light on the situation…

Six years ago, Doggy Day Care Cornwall was in the early throes of its success, having just launched their luxury home boarding and day care facility. Then, in 2018 things grew even further with the expansion of their day care centre and secure private dog park. When we first met the team last year, headed by Jordan Coombe and Katy Peck, they had just opened the next part of their dog friendly empire, a store full of natural pet food, treats and toys that promote the health and wellbeing of dogs, along with plenty of nutritional advice. Now, the team have taken their quest to the next level by releasing their own brand of pet food.

Aflora – from The Natural Cornish Pet

“From starting Doggy Day Care, we met a lot of dogs suffering with similar dietary issues,” explains Jordan, “from caring for so many dogs, we started to make a connection between those that we cared for with great digestion and those that didn’t, and on most occasions, it came down to the food that they were eating.”

Mass produced, highly processed pet food can be, in the couple’s eyes, likened to that of fast food. High in salt, sugar and with a long list of unspecified ingredients, the fact is if more of us were to actually take a look at what goes in to the food we give to our dogs, the results would be shocking to say the least, as Katy explains here,

“Read any high street brand and I feel most of the general public would be left cold when reading that what they are paying for doesn’t amount to much more than generalisations. Turn over a bag of Aflora and you can instantly see what is contained within.”

Katy and the pups

Aflora, the new brand of pet food released by Doggy Day Care Cornwall, is made in the UK and offers a balance of protein, vegetables and no grain. What Jordan and Katy discovered is that for the dogs that had a simple diet of high protein, natural food with few ingredients and no grain or gluten, their general vitality, wellbeing and digestion ran like clockwork.

“Grain is used as a filler in most supermarket and high street pet food,” Katy explains, “it brings down the cost of the food, whereas in comparison our recipes use vitamin rich sweet potato and higher than average levels of protein to make a rich rewarding biscuit with a bite, using ingredients that are more familiar to those that you would find on your own dinner plate.”

The grain and gluten free aspect of Aflora is already a massive benefit for any dog that suffers from poor digestion or itchy skin. The recipe also has added omega 3 and joint care to support an active lifestyle from puppyhood into senior ages. Aflora comes in two types, a cold pressed and a dry extruded biscuit, both with sensitive and hypoallergenic properties. The difference comes down to the manufacturing process, with cold pressed dog food steamed and pressed under low temperature to preserve more nutrients and minerals, making them easier to digest, Aflora is one of just a handful of cold press dog foods made in the UK.

“From our experience, many issues that find dog owners in the vets can be treated by addressing their dog’s digestions,” says Jordan. “Much like us, our four-legged friends can have intolerances and allergies caused by their environment and lifestyle, not to mention getting hyped up by food colourings and additives. Once owners identify that there is a problem, the first step should be to go grain free, followed by working through proteins to see which work and which don’t. For example, chicken is known for being a trigger for allergies and intolerances.”

Tackling the problem of questionable pet food, Aflora is an affordable product that prides itself on translucency when it comes to knowing what goes inside it, after all, Jordan and Katy spent years refining and testing their product, so it makes sense that they want their customers and furry friends to know all that hard work that’s gone in to making Aflora. In addition, with every bag of Aflora bought, dog owners get an added extra of a suggested walk based in Cornwall, for you and your pup to enjoy,

“On a daily basis we are asked where we like to go walking with our own dogs, Flora and Grace,” Katy explains, “so we thought it’d be fun to map out our favourite locations in Cornwall for dog friendly walks to hopefully inspire the nation in getting out and enjoying the South West, each of our bags are named after a place or area of Cornwall and have a relevant walk linked to them.”

The Doggy Day Care hub and Natural Cornish Pet Shop

With one of the South West’s largest natural pet shops, Doggy Day Care Cornwall evidently offers a lot more than a day care service. Jordan, Katy and their team are passionate about healthy and happy hounds, and we’ve no doubt that this latest exciting development in the world of pet health and happy living is just a stepping stone to even bigger things and if spring is going to inspire any change this year, perhaps look to making changes in the lifestyle of your four-legged best friend.

Discover More Online…

Aflora is available to buy online with free national delivery on orders over £49, alongside plenty of other goodies for pets including cats and wildlife. Visit the website and not only will you be able to browse all of the available products, but you can also discover a range of dog friendly walks across Cornwall and plenty of advice and suggestions when it comes to giving your dog the best life they can have.