It’s no denying we are a county of dog lovers. Be it pedigree, mix breed, long haired, short haired, big, small, a loud bark or a curly tail, our four-legged companions are an important part of our family. At Doggy Day Care Cornwall’s new 13-acre site and natural pet shop that opened last year, we find out more about what involves running and advising a haven of dog care, health and nutrition.

Driving along the quiet Cornish lanes of St Erth, you’ll spot a pair of secluded black gates, the kind you’d see from a stately home or secret garden. In actual fact, what’s located behind is 13 acres of doggy haven. A luxury boarding home and care facility for dogs, Doggy Day Care is somewhere dog owners can leave their pets guilt-free for the days they can’t join along on the adventure. Be it day to day help, holiday care or a long weekend trip, the site has become the number one boarding facility for dogs in Cornwall.

Passing through the iron gates, a passageway of glorious trees frames the way to the store and park. A picnic area provides views across the golf course and self-service secure dog park. Known for its wildlife and picturesque countryside, bejewelled with dragonflies and wildflowers, the St Erth location of Doggy Day Care Cornwall provides a tranquil opportunity to let your dog roam free without the worry of roads, clifftops or livestock, in a space where everyone understands and appreciates dogs of all breeds. The secure dog park is even available to hire privately on half hour or hourly slots if you and some equally minded dog loving friends wanted a group walk or picnic.

Formerly a golf course, Doggy Day Care Cornwall developed the disused site in 2018 to transform it into a park and store that offers everything for dogs and their two-legged companions. The business, first established in 2014, was founded by Jordan Coombe and Katy Peck, who have watched their passion grow from strength to strength, becoming one of the UK’s leading dog day care solutions. It began during Jordan’s time working in a local veterinary practice, noticing that there was a need for quality canine care in Cornwall. Katy, having also grown up in an animal loving environment, has always had a vast array of pets and even works as a wildlife artist alongside her new role as a co-founder of Doggy Day Care Cornwall,

“Since starting we have grown to see 60 plus daily guests,” explains Jordan, “Along our journey we have learnt a lot about how to fuel our four-legged friends and have come to understand how much better it is to nurture naturally.”

A mission and dedication to provide great health care to dogs is paramount to the team of experienced and qualified handlers and with the opening of their brand-new pet store that specialise in stocking a curated range of all-natural pet supplies, they are proud to be part of the pet revolution that is sweeping across the country. As we become more aware of what goes into our own food, taking note of what goes into our pet’s food is equally important, as Katy describes here,

“There are a disturbing amount of pet food labels containing unspecified meat derivatives, so we’ve set about curating our own tried and tested range of all natural, raw and ambient foods in aiding our doggy parents, friends and the local community in being able to source the best in nutrition at the best price.

“Seeing the benefits of natural feeding first hand, Jordan and I wanted to aid our customers in getting food more appropriate for the active lifestyles of their pets. With many of the high street brands failing short on expectation on the ingredient lists with unspecified meat derivatives and high amounts of undigestible maize content, but flashy marketing packaging, we wanted to cut through the noise and provide a range fit for nourishing those that we have come to see as family.”

Educated on pet nutrition and dog behaviour, the Doggy Day Care team are always on hand to advise on the nutritional needs of your pet and the natural products available to match, alongside a cornucopia of exciting, unusual and natural treats that dogs love and can be enjoyed without worry and without putting a dent in the wallet.

“The exciting thing about feeding naturally is that it doesn’t need to be expensive!” Says Katy, “We have a food to match every budget and all of which provides much better value for money, it’s a win win all round. We’ve done the hard part and can help customers in discovering a world of natural food without breaking the bank. When you’re looking to change your dog’s diet, reading the label is the most important thing, steer clear of obscurities and additives, the label should read much more like our own shopping list, containing a balance of meat and vegetables.”

There’s even something for the humans too, with a coffee shop serving Cornish coffee and homemade cakes daily to be enjoyed away or in the picnic area whilst soaking up the summer sunshine. Creating a safe, homely environment where dogs feel safe and happy is something Katy and Jordan are always working on,

“From small acorns, big trees grow and from the beginning we knew we wanted to foster an approach that offered professional quality care. We treat the business much more like a children’s nursery, with each dog seen as an individual, creating a home-from-home environment giving owners peace of mind that their dog is having the best time whilst away from them. Our expansion last year into a former 13-acre landscaped golf course cemented the opportunity for more friends to join the fun in an idyllic countryside location, surrounded by trees and an array of wildlife.”

A year on, Jordan and Katy are continuing to expand their extensive stock range and are looking to develop a national presence with their online shop, sharing their extensive experience in the industry and offering their curated range of natural pet supplies with the aim of guiding owners in their efforts to nurture naturally for a healthy and happier pet, something that for the couple, is imperative.

“Simply put we see a lot of happy dogs, arriving in the morning owners are towed in and in the evenings many of the dogs are reluctant to leave,” says Jordan, “In the middle of the day standing in the day care space watching the dogs interactions, experiencing their friendship groups and varying playstyles is fascinating and it is what makes every day the best day with no two days ever alike. The two of us work incredibly long days but looking after the dogs never gets tiring when you see the dogs getting to be dogs! Dare I say it is a dream job?”

Whether you’re looking for a safe space enjoy a peaceful hour or two with your dog in the countryside or are eager to explore healthier, affordable nutrition options for your pets, Doggy Day Care Cornwall is certainly somewhere that is embodying everything needed to give your dog the best life and care they can possibly have.

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