1. The Language

There aren’t many places in the world where you can expect everyone from the lady behind the till in the supermarket, to your postman to call you “my ‘andsom” or “my lover”, irrelevant of your appearance or relationship and that’s just how we like it.

2. The Cornish Pasty

It would be wrong not to mention this delicious pastry coated meat and vegetable delight, after all, it is our creation – A fast food to eat while on the move and packing its famous peppery punch. Gosh we love a good pasty and NO, you cannot get anything close outside of Cornwall.


 3. The Pace of Life

Probably the number one reason why city dwellers flock to Cornwall at every opportunity they have. Surrounded by sea, perhaps it’s the fresh air that keeps us in touch with what is actually important in life. Just relax, everything will be done dreckly.

4. How Everyone Knows Everyone

If they haven’t just moved here, chances are you will have five mutual friends on Facebook and you know their next door neighbour. We love that we can always expect to see friendly, familiar faces wherever we go.


5. The People

Here in Kernow, if you smile at a stranger in the street you’re not met with a scowl and secretly suspected of being an axe wielding maniac, a kind smile is returned and you’re sure to have made a passing friend. You never know, next time you see them they might just return your smile with “ALRIGHT”?

6. We are always on holiday

Surrounded by turquoise waters and breath-taking beaches, including a sneaky few which are yet to be discovered by tourists, it’s paradise on our front door. At this time of year, if the sun is shining and it’s a weekday, it’s not unusual for your footprints to be the only ones in the sand.


7. The Free Fun

If you grew up here, you should know that your parents probably saved a fortune. Yes, you did spend every sunny birthday on the beach with a party picnic – but wasn’t it great?

8.  We Always Have An Excuse When We’re Late

It was a tractor, scrap that, a tractor behind a bus… the road was closed because of a loose sheep, cows were crossing – the possibilities are endless.. ENDLESS. Plus they’re all absolutely believable… And 99% of the time they are actually true.


9. The Incredible News

Stolen milk, slurry perverts, big cats, seagull attacks and our yet to be spotted resident Great White Shark (perhaps he’s hiding with Nessy?). There’s no other news like it.

10. The Magic

As the witch hotspot of England, it’s no surprise that Cornwall has mystical powers running through its water. From nighttime celebrations with horse skull masks to the wild moors and the Merry Maidens, this fascinating land has us under its spell. The Cornish calendar is full of festivals, from Port Eliot to Let Loose at Looe, so there’s always an opportunity to celebrate and share our vibrant art scene.


11. You Can Be You

No one blinks an eyelid if you have decided to dye your hair three shades of blue, or if it’s so matted you’ve tied it in ribbon on the top of your head. Seeing as you’re usually only a few miles from the beach, it’s also pretty acceptable not to wear shoes if you don’t fancy it.

12. The Weather

The Cornish weather is something that we can’t help but talk about at least once (or maybe four times) a day. It’s become a replacement for hello “Lovely day”, a reason to rant and its always a conversation starter… It’s probably the only place to have its own type of weather – mizzle – a cross between drizzle and mist. It may be pretty unpredictable, but hey, where else can you experience all four seasons in one day? And remember, when it’s good, it’s REALLY good. Oh and what’s with the hose pipe ban always being followed by torrential rain?!

Cornwall sunset

13. The Cornish Food & Drink

Whether it’s fresh fish landed at Newlyn harbour, fluffy homemade scones slathered in jam followed by a good dollop of clotted cream or a massive ice cream there’s no food that makes you happier! As for drink, Cornwall is packed with independent breweries from Penpont to Keltek and there’s nothing quite as refreshing as a pint of Cornish cyder when the sun’s out.

14. The Quiet

Cornwall is the perfect destination if you’re in need of escape. Whether it’s an empty stretch of beach or a large deserted field, wherever you are, you can head out for a stroll and make the most of simply being alone. Sometimes a chance to just be by yourself is all the happiness you need.

Cornwall gardens

15. Our Thriving Independence

Yes, some may see us as a little bit ‘behind the times’ but we’ll take a Cornish coffee at a beach hut cafe over a chain restaurant any day! Nothing makes us happier than discovering a new hidden Cornish gem. We love to embrace the unusual and support our varied high streets. We have our own wonderful selection of shops, restaurants and companies and we wouldn’t change it for the world!

16. We Can Truly Relax

Here in Cornwall we’re a trusting bunch. If the front door gets left unlocked we’re not seized by panic, we feel fine leaving the dog in the care of a stranger whilst we pop in to buy some milk and don’t worry about leaving our bags on the beach whilst we go for a dip in the ocean. We live in Cornwall after all, where the innocence of living in one of Britain’s last true communities is still alive.


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