5 of the most Dramatic Storm-Watching Spots!

5 of the most Dramatic Storm-Watching Spots!

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The thrill of Mother Nature’s raw power is a sight to behold on Cornwall’s dramatic coastline; possibly the best location for storm watching location in the UK. Exposed to the thousands of miles of Atlantic ocean, when a storm hits the swells are charged with a powerful strength that slams with an incredible force against the cliffs, beaches and sea walls of the Cornish coast. If you want to experience the exhilaration of storm watching, be sure to wrap up warm, do so at your own risk and find a safe vantage point for you to witness Cornwall’s enthralling and dramatic winter beauty.


1. Porthleven

Exposed to the Atlantic with a southwest facing coastline, the historic fishing village of Porthleven is possibly the most impressive storm watching spot on our list. Often reported in national newspapers, big winter swells cause huge waves to crash down on this town, causing monstrously exciting, and dangerous, sea activity.

2. Bedruthan Steps

One of the most iconic sights along the Cornish coast, Bedruthan steps and its rugged rocks have been carved by many storms over thousands of years. Stand atop Carnewas cliffs on a stormy day and witness the force of nature pound down on the North Cornish coastline.

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Zen Whisk, Flickr

3. Sennen

At the tail end of Cornwall, Sennen at Land’s End understandably offers a breathtaking spot to witness nature’s power as gale force winds create huge waves against the coast. See the action from the Lookout above Sennen Cove.

4. Porthcurno

Whether it’s drenched in sunshine or in the midst of winter storms, Porthcurno is a dramatic destination. During the winter months, the once calm deep blue seas transform into an angry force as severe gales lash against Logan Rock.

storm watching cornwall

Toby Charlton-Taylor, Flickr

5. Mullion Cove

Mullion Cove’s picturesque harbour gives storm watchers an awe-inspiring view, watch as the sea climbs its stone walls.

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