A few months ago, we did a piece about the Cornish saints and how their myths and stories shaped our landscape.

And what we found out is that St. Michael – Archangel and defender of the Heavenly Armies – is actually one of the patron saints of Cornwall.

But another piece of trivia is that an imaginary leyline – a route of spiritual and mystical properties which can be either man-made structures or something else – runs from the very West Coast of Ireland, through Cornwall and down through the world to Israel.

This leyline starts at Skellig Michael – just off the coast of Kerry. Fans of the latest Star Wars movie will recognise it, and from this deserted island, it runs through to our own St. Michael Mount in Penwith.

Moving on to France and then Italy, hitting Mont-Saint-Michel, Sacra Di San Michele and Santuario Di San Michele Archangelo, it then moves onto Greece and finally Israel.

With all these places being named after Archangel Michael, and having connections with the rest of the world, here at myCornwall, we feel very lucky to be part of such an interesting little connection to the rest of the world.