GALLERY PROFILE: Summerhouse Gallery, Marazion

GALLERY PROFILE: Summerhouse Gallery, Marazion

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As galleries go the Summerhouse Gallery in Marazion is in one of the most unique locations in the British Isles being sited close to St.Michaels Mount and the expanse of Mount’s Bay. For the visitor the artworks displayed within are equally impressive.

As I enter the appropriately lit interior, I am met by the galleries director Jayne Elliott and Alison and India her two staff members. Following introductions Jayne and I discuss how the gallery came to be one of the best West Cornwall can offer. “I have a huge passion for art, so buying this place three years ago was a dream come true,” explains Jayne who bought the location back in May 2011.summerhouse gallery marazion

Wondering around the gallery, visitors can see works by raw new talent and some more established artists such as Michael Strang, John Piper, Michael Praed, Neil Pinkett and Paul Wadsworth. Paul Wadsworth was recently commissioned by Marks and Spencer’s to produce five original oil paintings to represent their Spring Collection.

The latest exhibition entitled “Say Something” which opens on the 14th of June, is a showcase of new exciting art from emerging artists. The lead artist during this exhibition is Peter Ceredig-Evans and also features Kate Richardson and Kit Johns.

summerhouse gallery marazion

It is not only the artists’ works themselves that are of importance, it is also the way they are presented; according to Jayne. “We like to present the work with plenty of space around them, they should have room to breathe.”

“I find putting together an exhibition so exciting as I love helping to showcase our artists” says Jayne.

“I love seeing people falling in love with a piece of work, you can see it on their faces. A piece attracts their eye and they’ve fallen in love with it.”

The gallery itself is a very welcoming environment. “I think art should be for everyone, we’ve created a very accessible space for everyone including children.”

summerhouse gallery marazionWhilst working with the Super Sunday art program at the Tate, Jayne worked with families and Barnardo’s “I found the work inspiring and I realized how powerful art can be in many ways. Which is why I am so keen for my gallery to be all inclusive and we have our children’s table.”

The summer show entitled ‘Cornwall Calling’ opens on the 25th of July. It will feature all their established Artists with brand new work. Later in the year the gallery will be hosting a John Piper retrospective entitled “Halycon Days”. There will be old and new work showcasing Piper’s life and career.


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