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Scilly Flowers specialise in providing customers with unique and beautiful flowers, from the Isles of Scilly. The business, at Churchtown Farm, is very much a family affair – run by Ben and Zoe Julian, who took it on from Ben’s parents six years ago. The family pride themselves on maintaining traditional farming methods; the dainty scented narcissi are handpicked, checked for quality then simply but beautifully boxed.
In the winter they grow Scented Narcissi the traditional flower crop of the islands. They send the first of our narcissi crop in October and carry on until April. The narcissi they grow are multi head tazetta narcissi and many of the varieties we grow are unique to the Islands. Scilly Flowers work hard to keep the islands’ flower growing tradition alive, growing our narcissi outdoors in tiny fields sheltered from the Atlantic by tall hedges that are an integral part of the Scillonian landscape.

From May to October they grow Scented Pinks, an old English summer flower with a subtle perfume, beautiful colours and long vase life. Their pinks are grown in grow bags and irrigated and fed by a computerized system that saves water. Some of our pinks are grown in poly-tunnels this lengthens the season and also means we can use biological pest control and reduce the need to spray.

On their small farm they can’t grow all the flowers they need so they work closely with other Scillionan flower farmers ensuring that they get a good guaranteed price for the best flowers that they produce. This helps to keep the Islands’ traditional flower industry buoyant and preserve the landscape of Scilly.

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    Churchtown Farm, St. Martin's, Isles of Scilly.

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    TR25 0QL

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    Flower distributors.

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