Cornish Gardens: Godolphin

Cornish Gardens: Godolphin

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The garden at Godolphin is a Scheduled Ancient Monument; the side garden is a pre-Renaissance garden with a layout still recognisable after 700 years. It includes three compartments from the original nine which surrounded the 14th century Godolphin Castle.

When the new house was built in 1475, the Godolphins created a new nine-square garden to the east. A 200 year old box hedge lines the path in the lowest compartment of the side garden from where you can walk on one of the original boundary wall walks.

Open throughout the year - Goldophin in the snow

Open throughout the year – Goldophin in the snow

The Kings Garden is a 16th century privy garden named after the 1646 visit by the Prince of Wales, later King Charles II. The north wall in the Kings Garden is also the back wall of the stable block and contains bee boles with bee skeps. There is the remains of a 17th century orchard with a cider house in the centre which is sparsely planted now but would once have contained many fruit and ornamental trees.

Outside the garden walls there is woodland and the remains of the former deer park. Exploring Godolphin Hill one can find evidence of prehistoric enclosures, early mine workings, medieval field systems and ‘pillow mounds’- artificial rabbit warrens.

Ancient Roots

The defining feature of the garden is the archaeology which indicates its ancient origins. The garden is Grade 1 listed and a Scheduled Ancient Monument; the archaeology of the site is ongoing limiting the work that can be carried out in the garden.

The Gardener

“My name is Juliet Turner and I am the new Gardener-in-Charge at Godolphin. I have been in the post about five weeks and have been getting to know my colleagues and to recognise the priorities that will define the work that I undertake this year. There is much work to do in the garden and I hope to get the garden lifted with colour and planting to renew its beauty but to always keep the air of tranquillity and timelessness that makes Godolphin so hauntingly evocative. New to the garden next year will be a gardener’s Bothy for the visitors to sit in and read information about the garden. There will also be the new vegetable and cut flower beds to enjoy.”


Open daily from 10am – 4pm, 7 days a week

Godolphin, Godolphin Cross, Helston, Cornwall, TR13 9RE

Tel: 01736 763194


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