What is UPS Surepost?

What is UPS Surepost Package?

What is UPS SurePost? The final delivery of a UPS parcel is where costs stack up despite the distance covered during the shipping process. The UPS Surepost can help you save shipping costs. Knowing about the United Parcel Service Surepost will improve your shipping experience.

What is UPS Surepost?

Shipping is essential when it comes to moving items from one location to the other. This conveyance might be for individual or business purposes.

However, not all shipping need is termed as “urgent” as some might be allowed some time to arrive at the destination.

Let’s see what UPS SurePost is all about, and its characteristics, and gain a better understanding of how to use the service.

What is UPS SurePost?

UPS SurePost is a cost-effective option for shipping items that aren’t urgently needed, especially for businesses sending goods to consumers. 

UPS picks up your shipment, and the U.S. Postal Service takes care of the final delivery. 

This service operates every day of the week, including Sundays, but Sunday delivery is available only in certain areas with UPS Saturday operations and specific ZIP Codes that have Sunday service with the USPS.

Difference Between UPS SurePost and UPS Ground

UPS SurePost and UPS Ground are similar in most aspects until the final part of the delivery. 

Once your package is close to its destination, the USPS takes over for the last leg of the journey. 

This handover to USPS allows deliveries even on Sundays, which can be beneficial for businesses and customers. 

From the customer’s perspective, the experience remains consistent – they still enjoy reliable shipping from UPS and can track their package using a single tracking number.

CategoryUPS SurePostUPS Ground
Delivery Time2-7 days1-5 days
Weekend Pickup/DeliverySaturday and SundaySaturday
Maximum Package SizeUp to 60 inches in length and 130 inches in length and girth combinedUp to 108 inches in length and 165 inches in length and girth combined
Maximum Package Weight70 lbs.150 lbs.
Liability CoverageUp to $100Up to $100 standard, with charges for higher declared values
Delivery to P.O. BoxesNoNo

Can UPS SurePost Advance to UPS Ground?

What is UPS Surepost?

Yes, it is possible. A UPS My Choice For Home Member can enhance their service to Ground for a fee of $3.50 per package. 

Meanwhile, My Choice For Home Premium Members enjoy the benefit of unlimited upgrades from UPS SurePost to Ground without incurring any extra costs.

If you wish to guarantee that a SurePost package is delivered by a UPS package vehicle, you have the option to subscribe to UPS MyChoice and pay for an upgrade from SurePost to Ground. 

This upgrade provides you with the flexibility to provide delivery instructions, modify the delivery address, and access additional features. 

How Does UPS SurePost Compare to UPS Ground?

UPS Ground provides an estimated delivery time frame of 1-5 business days, whereas SurePost spans a range of 2-7 business days.

UPS stands out as the sole major carrier that offers Saturday pickups for all businesses, unlike FedEx, which necessitates a business contract for weekend pickup and delivery services.

Nevertheless, UPS Ground boasts a slightly quicker delivery pace and accommodates significantly larger packages. 

Meanwhile, UPS SurePost extends the convenience of residential Sunday delivery via the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

What are UPS SurePost Delivery Times?

In the bordering 48 states, UPS SurePost® shipments are expected to arrive at their destination within a range of two to seven days.

If the delivery is destined for locations outside of these states, the delivery times will naturally be extended. 

Typically, SurePost delivery times are approximately one day longer compared to UPS Ground.

This variance arises because, on the day when UPS would typically be making the final doorstep delivery, it redirects the package to the nearest USPS branch closest to the customer.

What are the Current UPS SurePost Rates?

Starting from July 2, 2023, the following charges will apply to packages that meet specific criteria:

1. Non-Standard Cube Charge

$15.00 per package applies to any package with dimensions (Length x Width x Height) exceeding two cubic feet, equivalent to 3456 cubic inches.

2. Non-Standard Extra Length Charge

$5.00 per package applies to any package with its longest side measuring more than 30 inches but not exceeding 48 inches.

3. Non-Standard Length Charge

$2.00 per package applies to any package with its longest side measuring more than 22 inches but not exceeding 30 inches.

4. Delivery Area Surcharge

The $3.60 surcharge is applied when delivering to specific designated areas.

5. Delivery Area Surcharge – Extended

The $4.50 extended surcharge is applied for deliveries to extended designated areas.

What are Other UPS SurePost Rates?

What is UPS Surepost?

SurePost packages adhere to the same dimensional weight formula as UPS Ground, with a dimensional divisor of 139, unless otherwise specified in your company’s carrier agreement. 

Also, UPS applies a ground fuel surcharge to the published rate for UPS SurePost. 

Consequently, dimensional weight calculations do not apply to packages weighing less than one lb.

There are extra charges per package for the following circumstances:

1. Non-Machinable Charge

There’s a $4.20 fee for packages over 34 inches but under 48 inches in one dimension. Also, an extra charge applies if any two sides are each over 17 inches but under 30 inches, or if the parcel weighs more than 35 pounds.

2. Non-Standard Cube Charge

A $15.00 charge applies to any package with dimensions (Length x Width x Height) exceeding two cubic feet, equivalent to 3456 cubic inches.

3. Non-Standard Extra Length Charge

Here, a charge of $5.00 applies to any package with its longest side measuring more than 30 inches but not exceeding 48 inches.

4. Non-Standard Length Charge

A $2.00 charge applies to packages with the longest side measuring more than 22 inches but not exceeding 27 inches.

However, this service offers substantial logistical cost savings compared to UPS ground services as it eliminates certain standard accessorial fees. 

While this UPS service may not be suitable for shipping every package, it serves as an excellent choice for customers who prioritize affordability over speed. 

Multiple e-commerce businesses leverage it as a cost-effective delivery option at a fixed rate.

Using SurePost can potentially reduce shopping cart desertion rates and boost your online sales.

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