Create UPS Shipping Label

How Do I Create UPS Shipping Label?

Knowing how to create UPS shipping label is required for individuals and businesses engaged in shipping goods and packages. These labels serve as the key document that facilitates the smooth movement of your shipments through the UPS network.

Create UPS Shipping Label

It ensures that they reach their intended destinations securely and on time.

If the idea of creating a UPS shipping label still makes you nervous, there is no need to let worries hold you back.

This guide will go into the process of creating UPS shipping labels

How to Create UPS Shipping Label

You can create UPS shipping label by carrying out these few steps below:

1. Visit the UPS Website

The first step is visiting the UPS website and selecting the “Create a Shipment” option.

You can find it under the “Shipping” tab at the top of the page.

2. Enter Sender and Recipient Information

Input the sender and recipient’s information in the “Ship From” section.

This step ensures that UPS knows where the package is being sent from.

3. Package Information

The next step is to give important information about the package you want to ship.

This includes specifics like the package’s weight, measurements, and the package type.

4. Choose Service Options

This step requires you to select the UPS service options that support your specific delivery requirements.

UPS offers various delivery services with different speeds and pricing options.

5. Payment Method

Once you’ve chosen the service you want, you just have to pay for the shipping.

You can use different payment methods based on where you are and what UPS allows.

6. Generate and Print the Shipping Label

The last and final step is generating and printing your UPS shipping label.

The label contains information for the shipment. It includes the sender’s and recipient’s addresses, tracking information, and a barcode that UPS will use to track the package.

What are the Required Labels for UPS Service?

For your domestic shipments via air services, it is necessary to use a label generated through an automated shipping system such as UPS Air Shipping Document (ASD).

The ASD combines various elements, including your address label, tracking label, and shipping record, into a single document.

Specific ASD options are available for the following services:

  • UPS Next Day Air Early
  • You can use UPS Next Day Air for UPS Worldwide ExpressSM as well.)
  • UPS Next Day Air Saver
  • UPS 2nd Day Air A.M
  • UPS 2nd Day Air

When shipping with UPS Ground, it’s essential to include an address label containing both the “to” and “from” information both inside and outside of your package.

Don’t forget to attach a Ground tracking label as well as guaranteed service

Where Can I Get Other Shipping Supplies?

You can obtain additional shipping supplies from various mail carriers in the United States at no cost. These are particularly beneficial for business owners.

They include:


You can use the USPS website for a free service called Click-N-Ship to make prepaid shipping labels.

This works for services like Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express. If you need labels for other USPS options, like First Class Mail or Certified Mail, you can do it too.

Making your own USPS labels online is a quick and money-saving option.

To get started, sign up for a service on the USPS website with Click-N-Ship or use an online shipping service that works with USPS.

2. FedEx

A FedEx shipping label is like a map for your package, and it has a barcode with a tracking number. With this, the delivery team can keep you updated.

It’s not the same as a mailing label, which just has the receiver’s name and address.

Each package needs its own unique shipping label. UPS mobile app makes creating labels on your phone simple. You can generate a QR code with just a few taps.

A team member will print the label for you if you present them with that code. Or you can print it directly from the app at home. To learn more, you can download our app.

3. DHL

DHL Shipping labels are important when you send things. Labels provide delivery personnel with information about the package’s destination, sender, and contents.

Making errors on a label can lead to the package being lost or delayed. 

They have information like your address, the receiver’s address, the package type, time of delivery, mode of transport, and any special instructions.

You are ready to send your package once you create your label and pay for postage.

Creating a UPS shipping label is easy and can save you time while ensuring your packages get where they need to go without any stress.

You can rely on UPS’s online tools to create labels easily and trust that your shipments are being taken care of.

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