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What is SF Express Tracking Number Format?

What is SF Express tracking number format? If you’ve ever sent or received a package from China, there’s a high probability that you’ve used SF Express and you must have been given an SF Express tracking number.

sf express tracking number

SF Express is a Chinese postal service provider that was established in 1993. With its headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, SF Express gives both people and companies access to local and worldwide delivery choices.

The company’s areas of expertise include supply chain development and maintenance, warehousing, and postal logistics.

Its ability to secure packages is evident in its provision of a tracking number that allows you to know your package’s whereabouts and its current location.  

Let’s find out more about SF Express tracking numbers and how to find yours on your package.

How Do I Track My Package with SF Express Tracking Number?

If you want to track your package, you will need to visit the SF Express official website.

When you’re there, click on the tracking tab. A page will be displayed and you will be asked to enter your tracking number.

You can just type in your tracking number, and allow the system to select the carrier on your behalf if you’re not sure which one is handling your package.

If you can’t copy your SF Express tracking from the e-receipt you were given, you can enter it manually.

The next step is just to click the “track” button, and you will be taken to the result page. You can only view the package status if the tracking number you supplied is correct.

How Can I Find My SF Express Tracking Number?

Like most delivery logistics companies, SF Express makes use of a tracking number and barcode system.

You will find your SF Express tracking number in an email confirmation sent by your Chinese vendor.

SF Express tracking numbers are all a combination of letters and numbers that change based on the destination and contents of your order.

It normally has 12 or 17 alphabet characters. The prefix ‘SF’ is always used first, followed by 13 digits.

Once you have an SF Express tracking number, you can use it to keep track of your package’s location and status at all times.

What is the Meaning of SF Express Tracking Status?

You already know that when you’re sending a package using SF Express, there’s a possibility of tracking it.

However, when tracking, there are certain notifications that will be displayed on your screen. If you don’t know these notifications you will definitely get confused.

Here are some of these notifications and what they mean in the table below:

Tracking NotificationsMeaning
Package Collected by SF ExpressSF Express has received the package.
Package Loaded at (location)     Shipment loaded on a vehicle for distribution.
Vehicle DepartedThe vehicle has left with the package for the next stop on the route.
Package Arrived at (Distribution Center)The package has reached the distribution center.
Under Customs ClearanceThe package is undergoing export customs inspection.
Package Loaded at SF Express International CustomsThe package is ready for the next stop after customs.
Package Loaded on SF Charter FlightPackage loaded on the flight to its destination.
The package arrived at the Destination Customs OfficePackage at customs for import examination.
Package Loaded at Destination Customs Office Customs clearance completed, ready for delivery.
Delivery FailedDelivery was unsuccessful due to the recipient’s absence.
Express DeliveredThe package was successfully delivered to the recipient.

Why is My SF Express Tracking Number Not Showing?

There are several reasons your SF Express tracking number could stop working. However, the two primary causes are either an invalid address given during shipment or a wrong SF Express tracking number entered.

That’s why it is usually best to double-check the address while using SF Express for shipping or inputting an address on a marketplace or e-tailer website.

However, if an incorrect destination is displayed on your screen, confirm that the SF Express tracking number you entered was correct.

Then, try to contact SF Express to change the location. Changes of address may occasionally incur fees, which are determined by and paid to the courier.

How Long Does SF Express Ship?

How Long Does SF Express Ship?

If you’re sending your packages with SF Express, it usually takes seven working days on average.

Meanwhile, if you’re staying in South Korea or Malaysia, it will take one to five working days for you to receive your package from China. However, this depends on if you paid for expedited delivery.

Moving on, it takes two to four working days for an SF Express shipment to arrive in Singapore and Japan, and three to five working days for packages to arrive in Burma, India, Mongolia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

For those living in Australia, Cambodia, or Indonesia, you will receive your SF Express package between three to six working days, while those living in Russia will get it between six to ten days.

Can SF Express Deliver My Package to the US?

Yes, SF Express can deliver your package to the US. Usually, shipping a SF Express package from China to the US will take three to seven business days.

Alaska and Hawaii are included in the 50 states in the United States that SF Express delivers to. Apart from that, SF Express offers delivery services to many other nations worldwide.

This is made possible via alliances with other logistics firms and forwarding couriers. Through this alliance, SF Express can deliver packages to countries where it does not have a courier office.

These logistics firms are usually known as “local last-mile couriers”. This is because they are tasked with handling the delivery of a package on its last leg of travel.

For instance, if SF Express is shipping your package from China to the UK, it will be transferred to Royal Mail, the country’s postal service for final delivery.

Is it Possible to Contact SF Express?

Yes, it’s possible for you to get in touch with an SF Express representative. You can always reach out to their international customer care service through the online chat feature.

The chat service is open after business hours, which are 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. on Saturday and from 6:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. on Monday. However, the chat feature is not always active on Sundays or on federal holidays.

If you want to speak with SF Express customer service agents, you can also call the SF International customer service hotline number. These numbers vary based on your country of residence.

For instance, the SF Express customer care number for the United States is (+1) 855 901 1133, while those in Mainland China will have to call (+86) 755 9533883.

If you’re living in Australia, you can always reach out at (+61) 37 025 9996, while those in Singapore have the option of calling (+65) 6603 0630.

Now you know that without an SF Express tracking number, you will be unable to know your package’s current location.

So, you have to always keep it safe to avoid your package missing without your knowledge.

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