What is FedEx Freight Called?

What is FedEx Freight Called?

What is FedEx Freight Called? FedEx has undoubtedly etched its name as a leader in the industry, by providing efficient services to countless customers worldwide. We will examine what FedEx Freight is all about and unveil the name that defines FedEx’s esteemed freight division.

What is FedEx Freight Called?

In the global economy, freight transportation is crucial.

From raw materials to finished products, a vast array of goods requires specialized handling and transportation.

FedEx Freight recognizes the significance of this sector and offers tailored solutions to ensure the safe and timely delivery of freight.

So, what is a FedEx Freight called? Let us embark on this enlightening voyage of name discovery together!

What is FedEx Freight Called?

FedEx Freight, also known as FedEx Freight Economy and FedEx Freight Priority, is the freight transportation division of FedEx Corporation.

FedEx Freight Economy ensures that shipments are delivered within agreed-upon transit times while offering competitive rates.

Meanwhile, FedEx Freight Priority offers expedited LTL transportation with accelerated transit times.

FedEx Freight, which reported US$8.9 billion in sales for 2021, is the largest less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipping.

LTL shipping refers to the transportation of relatively small freight that does not require an entire truck for shipment.

It is a cost-effective option for businesses and individuals who have smaller shipments that do not fill an entire truck.

So, instead of paying for the entire truck’s capacity, you can only pay for the space your freight occupies within the truck.

This allows multiple customers to share a single truck, resulting in more efficient and economical transportation.

Both FedEx Freight Economy and FedEx Freight Priority provide comprehensive freight transportation solutions.

These services include pickup, transportation, and delivery of LTL shipments throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

What Benefits Does FedEx Freight Offer?

Opting for FedEx Freight brings several advantages to both businesses and individuals.

They include:

1. Extensive Network

FedEx Freight has a vast network of service centers and delivery routes, ensuring comprehensive coverage across North America and beyond.

This extensive network facilitates efficient transportation and timely deliveries.

You can rely on FedEx Freight’s extensive coverage to reach your desired destinations.

2. Advanced Tracking Capabilities

To ensure reliable tracking and visibility, FedEx Freight provides robust tracking tools to help you monitor your shipment.

There’s also a unique tracking number for each shipment.

You can use this tracking number to know the whereabouts of your LTL shipment through the FedEx website or mobile app.

With the ability to track and trace your freight, you can stay informed and plan accordingly.

3. Reliable Transit Times

FedEx Freight provides reliable transit times for shipments.

You can choose between FedEx Freight Economy and FedEx Freight Priority based on their time requirements.

FedEx Freight Economy offers a balance between transit time and cost, while FedEx Freight Priority provides expedited delivery for time-sensitive shipments.

4. Freight Insurance Options

To provide peace of mind, FedEx Freight offers insurance options to protect your shipments against loss or damage.

This additional layer of security ensures that your valuable freight is safeguarded throughout its journey.

5. Value-Added Services

 FedEx Freight offers a range of value-added services to meet customers’ requirements.

These services include residential pickup and delivery, liftgate services, hazardous materials shipping, etc.

You can customize your shipping solutions by selecting the value-added services that best suit your needs.

6. Dedicated Customer Support

 FedEx Freight prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service.

With knowledgeable representatives available to assist you, you can rely on prompt and professional support whenever you have questions or concerns.

7. Freight Security

FedEx Freight prioritizes the security of freight during transportation.

They have robust security measures in place to ensure the safe handling and delivery of shipments.

These measures include secure facilities, trained personnel, and advanced tracking systems that help safeguard the integrity of the freight.

8. Sustainability Initiatives

FedEx Freight is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

They have implemented various initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint, promote fuel efficiency, and minimize environmental impact.

Customers who choose FedEx Freight can benefit from their environmentally conscious approach to freight transportation.

Now you know that FedEx Freight is the name behind the specialized freight transportation services provided by FedEx Corporation.

When it comes to moving large and heavy items, FedEx Freight delivers on its promise of secure and timely transportation.

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