Usps Small Flat Rate Box

How Much Does a USPS Small Flat Rate Box Cost?

Would you be interested to know more about USPS small flat rate box? For small business owners and those trying to stick to a fixed budget, USPS Flat Rate boxes are a lifesaver.

Usps Small Flat Rate Box

If you want to send packages via the USPS Flat Rate service, you can always request a Small Flat Rate Box.

No matter how much the box weighs or where it is traveling in the US, USPS offers these services at a set price.

This makes it ideal for shipping large items or items that need to travel a long distance.

With that in mind, let’s find out the price of the USPS Small Flat Rate Box and what items you can send using this box.

How Much is a USPS Small Flat Rate Box?

If you get your shipping label at the post office, a Small Flat Rate Box will cost about $9.45.

However, businesses get it at $8.05. So, if you run an e-commerce firm and frequently use these boxes, consider enrolling in USPS’s commercial rates to see if you may save money.

This is often seen as a great deal if you are mailing something over a long distance, even if you can’t get the commercial rates.

You might save a lot of money by using the Small Flat Rate Box if your shipment weighs less than 5 lbs.

Zoned shipping will be more affordable if your shipment weighs 2 lbs or less and is delivered locally.

What Size is a USPS Small Flat Rate Box?

The dimensions of a Small Flat Rate Box are 8 11/16 x 5 7/16 x 1 34 inches.

There is only one flat rate package size, which is around the size of three DVD cases. They do, however, have a 70 lb weight restriction.

USPS rarely sends packages weighing more than 70 lbs., and if your package weighs more than this, none of the flat rate services can be used.

All flat rate boxes, not only the small ones, are subject to the 70 lb. limit.

Before purchasing your mailing label, be sure to weigh your item if it is heavy.

Where Can I Get a USPS Small Flat Rate Box?

Where Can I Get a USPS Small Flat Rate Box?

Fortunately, it’s simple to get the boxes because USPS offers them for free both in-person and online.

You may either pick them up at your neighborhood post office or place an online order to have them delivered to your home.

Because you don’t need to purchase your own packaging and you don’t need to spend time measuring the box, this method of shipping items is incredibly convenient.

This also eliminates the possibility that you will choose the incorrect size and incur additional fees.

What Can I Send in a USPS Small Flat Rate Box?

USPS Small Flat Rate Boxes are used by people for a wide range of things, including shipping movies, jewelry, small pieces of clothing, event tickets, and more.

Almost anything that can fit into a USPS Small Flat Rate Box is okay to mail. However, you should be aware that some things are not allowed.

For instance, you are not permitted to send gasoline, explosives, airbags, ammunition, or marijuana.

Even though this is true for all US mail, it’s important to be aware of it before purchasing a flat rate box.

Poison perfume, live animals, glue, batteries, hand sanitizer, matches, and other goods are also prohibited.

Before you pack a Flat Rate Box to mail, always check the complete list of restricted items to make sure you are adhering to the rules.

If you are mailing products overseas, be aware that this list will change.

When Should I Expect My Small Flat Rate Box to be Delivered?

The Priority Mail service includes USPS Flat Rate Mail. A Flat Rate box will arrive within 1 to 3 working days.

When traveling locally, it is normally quicker, but when traveling to a far distance, it takes the full three days to arrive.

If you want your flat rate boxes to be delivered fast, the fact that they may be delivered six days a week, including Saturday, is a huge benefit.

The USPS’ small flat boxes are currently not delivered on Sundays. However, Sunday deliveries for Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Boxes are possible.

Meanwhile, there is no additional fee for a Saturday delivery.

So, there is no way to predict when a box will arrive; it could show up at any time of day.

The recipient will only have to wait for it to arrive, but they can use the USPS tracking system to see how far it has traveled.

Is it Cheaper to Mail at Fixed Rate or Priority?

Yes, it is cheaper to use Priority Mail than sending packages at fixed rates.

Using a Flat Rate envelope or box will save you money, but how much depends on the kind of goods you’re shipping and how much goods you expect to ship.

Choosing Priority Mail services over Fixed Rate may make sense if you are mostly mailing goods locally and over small distances. Flat-rate envelopes and boxes are more cost-effective for shipping across the US or large distances in general.

The simplicity of packaging using flat-rate boxes or envelopes is another aspect you should consider. This eliminates the burden of finding your items on your own and keeping track of weights and measurements to figure out shipping costs.

While most mail is charged based on its size, weight, and destination, Flat Rate Boxes are only charged based on their size.

In other words, you will pay the same price for a box that is being sent to the next town as you would for one that is being sent within the United States.

You can always use these USPS small flat-rate boxes if you want to take advantage of USPS Flat Rate Shipping. Remember that every item can be sent when using these boxes.

So, check the entire list of prohibited materials before packing a Flat Rate Box for mailing to be sure you are following the guidelines.

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