ups holiday schedule 2023

UPS Holiday Schedule 2023: Days Off for Employees

The UPS holiday schedule 2023 has a series of days during which their services will be limited or entirely suspended. As a business owner, you need to keep tabs on these days so your customers can get to receive their holiday orders on time.

ups holiday schedule 2023

We all know the feelings that the holidays bring. It’s always a time to come together as a family and exchange gifts.

However, you cannot send or receive gifts without having a fair knowledge of the UPS holiday schedule 2023.

Let’s walk you through the UPS holiday schedule 2023 and tips to make the most out of your shipping experience.

What are the Deadlines for UPS Holiday Schedule 2023?

There are holiday dates that business owners should always have at the tip of their fingers. UPS observes both national and regional holidays.

While these holidays are meant for employees to spend quality time with their loved ones, they can also affect package deliveries.

The dates on the UPS holiday schedule 2023 are:

1. New Year’s Day (1st January 2023)

In the US, this is a federal holiday, hence UPS suspends delivery and pickup services to celebrate the holiday. It’s a perfect day to unwind and reflect on the year gone by.

If you want your goods to be delivered or picked up, then you should make appropriate plans and prepare for delays.

You can still use UPS Express Critical services to get urgent deliveries done, even while UPS is closed that day.

Meanwhile, these are the delivery deadlines to use if you need your goods at your doorstep before New Year’s:  

  • UPS® Ground shipping: Information can be found at
  • Shipping via UPS Next Day Air®: December 22, 2023
  • Shipping via UPS 2nd Day Air®: December 21, 2023
  • Shipping via UPS 3 Day Select®: December 20, 2023

2. Martin Luther King’s Day (16th January 2023)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a federal holiday that celebrates the life and legacy of the civil rights icon.

Every year on the third Monday in January, it is observed.

On this day, UPS® pickup and delivery services are accessible.

During the holidays, UPS Express Critical services are also available.

3. Valentine’s Day (14th February 2023)

On 14th February, UPS will be open as usual.

If you often use UPS as your preferred logistics service, then you should expect:

  • UPS® pickup and delivery are available.
  • UPS Store® in various locations will be open.

So, you need to plan ahead to make sure your surprise gift for that special someone arrives by Valentine’s Day.

To reduce the chance of a delayed shipment, add 3–4 days or choose UPS express courier services.

4. President’s Day (20th February 2023)

President’s Day is a significant national holiday for many Americans. UPS is usually open on this day.

So, you can always take advantage of their pickup and delivery services.

Also, you can drop off packages at UPS locations.

You should also expect UPS SurePost® and UPS Mail Innovations® services to use an additional business day to deliver your package because of this holiday.

5. Good Friday (7th April 2023)

Around the world, various religions observe Good Friday. UPS usually operates on Good Friday.

This means that you can count on regular deliveries and services. Even some UPS Store® locations will stay open.

You can comfortably ship your packages and also drop them off at UPS Centers.

Always check if the UPS store in your area is open before you visit.

6. Easter Sunday (9th April 2023)

In Canada, UPS is usually closed on Easter Sunday.

However, you can still use UPS Express Critical®.

You can also drop off your packages at UPS Centers for domestic ground, air, and international services.

However, these operating hours fluctuate and can change.

7. Memorial Day (29th May 2023)

UPS delivery schedule 2023 does not include the provision of pickup and delivery services on Memorial Day.

This means that UPS’s regular services will not be in operation. It also includes residential and commercial deliveries.

Even UPS stores will not be opened or have limited operating hours.

So, you need to plan your shipments ahead to avoid delays.

8. Independence Day (4th July 2023)

Independence Day is a national holiday celebrated by Americans. To observe the holiday, UPS is usually closed.

There’s no pickup or delivery service. This means you should make arrangements to send or receive your package before 4th July.

If you want your goods to be delivered on this day, then you’ll have to use UPS Express Critical services.

However, it will come at an extra charge depending on where you reside.

9. Labor Day (5th September 2023)

Americans commemorate Labor Day on the first Monday in September.

On this holiday, UPS Store® is closed, and only planned deliveries and pickups are made.

You should make sure your package reaches its destination by Friday, September 3. This is because the holiday is preceded by a weekend.

Hence, the shipping deadlines for this holiday are:

  • UPS Ground: August 31
  • Shipping via UPS Next Day Air®: September 4.
  • Shipping via UPS Second Day Air®: September 3.
  • Shipping via UPS 3 Day Select®: September 2.

10. Columbus Day (9th October 2023)

Even though Columbus Day is marked to celebrate when Christopher Columbus arrived America in 1492, UPS still maintains its regular operation schedule.

Since 1937, the day has been observed as a federal holiday in several parts of the United States.

However, UPS Store will remain open and all ground, air, and freight shipments will be shipped out as usual.

So, your UPS packages will be delivered on time, and their drop-off locations will be opened.

11. Veteran’s Day (11th November 2023)

This holiday is not regarded as a statutory holiday because it honors American veterans for their service to their country.

Therefore, UPS will run its courier services as usual, and its stores will be open during regular business hours.

You can always use UPS Custom Critical to send your time-sensitive packages.

It could be a surprise gift to a loved one that served the country.

12. Thanksgiving Day (23rd November 2023)

Thanksgiving is listed as one of the significant holidays on the UPS holiday schedule 2023. Hence, there won’t be any delivery or pickup services.

All UPS® Ground and air services will cease operations, and most UPS Store® sites will be closed.

If you plan to ship during Thanksgiving, these are the deadlines you should note:

  • UPS® Ground: Information can be found at
  • Shipping via UPS Next Day Air®: November 21
  • Shipping through UPS 2nd Day Air®: November 20
  • Shipping via UPS 3 Day Select®: November 19.

Meanwhile, there are days after Thanksgiving called “Black Friday and Cyber Monday”. Let’s find out more about it!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (25th and 28th November 2023)

The day after Thanksgiving is always Black Friday, and it is followed by Cyber Monday, which is the next Monday.

During these two days, there’s a high level of online shopping because of the huge discounts and sales.

Due to these high purchases, UPS operates its regular ground and air operations on Black Friday and keeps the stores open.

You don’t have to worry about shipping deadlines, because most purchases will be made on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

13. Christmas Day (25th December 2023)

According to the UPS holiday schedule 2023, there will be no operations on Christmas Eve.

Meanwhile, UPS® Forwarding (Air and Ocean) will be active. However, UPS® Domestic Ground, Air & International will have modified operations.

On Christmas Day, pickup or delivery services won’t be available. This is because it is a major holiday, and all UPS Store® will be closed.

If you plan to ship during Christmas, these are the deadlines:

  • UPS® Ground: information can be found at
  • Shipping via UPS 3 Day Select®: December 20
  • Shipping through UPS 2nd Day Air®: December 21
  • Shipping via UPS Next Day Air®: December 22

What are UPS Operating Hours During Holidays?

What are UPS Operating Hours During Holidays?

As the holiday season approaches, it’s important to know when UPS is open.

This will help you ensure your packages are sent and received on time

If you are using UPS express delivery, then you can expect your package from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm.

There is an additional day available for delivery. However, this timeframe is subject to changes.

You can always reach out to UPS customer service or visit their official website.


Tips for Shipping with UPS During Holidays

Here are the tips that can help while you ship your UPS package:

1. Plan Ahead

One of the most effective ways to avoid any holiday shipping hiccups is to plan ahead.

Always check the UPS holiday schedule 2023, before you pick a date.

This will reduce delays and increase the likelihood of your package arriving at its destination on time.

2. Use Online Tools

UPS provides lots of online tools to help you manage your shipments with ease.

Their tracking system allows you to monitor the progress of your packages in real time.

This can help you stay informed about any delays or changes in delivery dates.

3. Choose the Right Service

During the holiday rush, UPS provides different shipping options.

There’s expedited shipping for last-minute gifts and standard options for less time-sensitive shipments.

When you choose the right service, you can be sure that your package will get to its destination.

4. Pack Properly

Due to the high volume of shipping, more packages will be placed together.

To prevent any damage, pack your items properly.

Use sturdy boxes, ample padding, and proper labeling to reduce the chances of damage during transit.

5. Stay Informed

Stay connected with UPS through their customer service channels.

You can do this by visiting their website, app, or customer service hotline.

The UPS holiday schedule for 2023 comes with a few closures to allow their employees to enjoy festive moments.

When you plan ahead, your packages will definitely reach their intended recipients without any unnecessary delays.

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