Does FedEx Notarize? A Complete Guide

Does FedEx Notarize? Understanding Notarization Process

Does FedEx Notarize? Notarization is a crucial aspect of legal documentation, clients often seek accessible options to complete the process efficiently. However, it is necessary that you explore FedEx’s notarization options.

Does FedEx Notarize?

The availability of notarization at FedEx will give you that confidence concerning notarizing your shipments.

Worldwide, clients recognize FedEx for its shipping and logistics services.

Here, we will explore the availability of FedEx’s notarization services.

Does FedEx Notarize?

Yes, FedEx offers notarization services.

You can notarize your documents online on your own device, with audio and visual capabilities.

However, before and after online notary sessions, FedEx agents at any FedEx office location can offer help with the whole process.

Also, you need to save important files to a flash drive or the cloud by scanning them at a FedEx office near you.

Always remember to use FedEx Office Print & Go to print your notarized documents quickly and easily from email, a flash drive, or the cloud.

How Much Does FedEx Notarization Cost?

The fee for notarization services at FedEx is $25 for each document.

For each additional seal needed, there is a charge of $10.

To access this service, present a valid photo ID for identification.

Then, proceed to sign a statement confirming your understanding of the notarization process and agreement to electronic notarization for your documents.

Having completed these requirements, you can initiate the notarization process conveniently by visiting the FedEx website.

Process of FedEx’s Notarization Services

Notarization is an essential process that adds an extra layer of security and authenticity to important legal documents. 

However, there are processes to consider when notarizing a document. These processes are very important, and should not come least on your mind.

Here is the list of processes of FedEx’s notarization services:

1. Scheduling an Appointment

To start the notarization process with FedEx, they require customers to schedule an appointment with a FedEx Office location that provides notary services. 

We advise you should call the desired location to ensure that a notary will be present when you visit.

2. Document Preparation

Prior to your appointment, carefully review and prepare the documents that require notarization. 

Ensure that all forms are completed accurately, leaving no blank spaces or missing information. 

It is crucial to bring valid identification and any supporting documents required for the notarization process.

3. Visit a FedEx Office Location

On the scheduled date and time, visit the selected FedEx Office location to meet with a notary. 

Notaries at FedEx are experienced professionals who are authorized to perform notarial acts.

4. Verification of Identity

Upon arrival, the notary will verify your identity by examining your government-issued identification.

These documents include a driving license, passport, or identity card. 

It is crucial to carry original identification documents as copies may not be accepted.

5. Review and Sign Documents

The notary will review the documents to be notarized to ensure their completeness and accuracy. 

Once it satisfies them, you will be required to sign the documents in the presence of the notary. 

It is essential to refrain from signing the documents before your appointment, as the notary must witness the signing.

6. Notarial Act

Once you have signed the documents, the notary will proceed with the notarial act. 

This involves the notary placing their official seal or stamp on the document, along with their signature, and recording relevant details, such as the date and location of the notarization.

8. Document Return and Receipt

When you complete the notarization process, the notary returns the notarized documents to you. 

It is necessary to ensure that the notarized documents you receive are original, as FedEx can require them for legal or official purposes. 

Also, you can request a receipt or confirmation of the notarial act for your records.

Now you are aware of the processes of FedEx’s notarization services, let us move on to explore the requirements for FedEx’s notarization services.

Features/Benefits of FedEx’s Notarization Services

The features and benefits of FedEx’s Notarization services include:

1. Remote Notarization

With FedEx’s service, you can easily submit your documents for notarization from the comfort of your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

A live notary public is available via video conference to guide you through the process, making it convenient and accessible from anywhere.

2. Swift Processing

Enjoy fast notarization for both personal and professional documents, reducing the transaction time to mere minutes.

The 24/7/365 availability ensures you can get your documents notarized promptly, even during weekends or holidays.

3. Enhanced Security

FedEx’s notarization service ensures your safety and security through 3-factor authentication, offering ID validation and protection against fraud.

This verification process adds an extra layer of confidence to the authenticity of your notarized documents.


Requirements for FedEx’s Notarization Services

Does FedEx Notarize?

Before embarking on notarizing your document, there are certain requirements your document needs to meet.

Here are the requirements for FedEx’s notarization services.

1. Valid Identification

Customers availing of FedEx’s notarization services must possess valid government-issued identification documents.

Approved identification includes driver’s licenses, passports, identification cards, and military IDs.

2. Document Eligibility

FedEx notarization services typically cover a wide range of documents, including contracts, affidavits, powers of attorney, consent forms, and acknowledgments. 

However, before your appointment, it is recommended to contact the FedEx Office location to confirm if they can notarize your particular document.

3. Personal Presence

Notarizing a document at a FedEx Office location, individuals must be physically present during the notarization process. 

Also, note that FedEx cannot conduct notarization remotely or via mail.

It is necessary to also note the limitations of FedEx’s notarization services.

Limitations of FedEx’s Notarization Services

One of the services provided by FedEx is notarization, a crucial requirement for various legal and financial documents. 

While FedEx’s notarization services are convenient and widely used, it is crucial to understand their limitations to make informed decisions regarding their usage.

Here are the limitations of FedEx’s notarization services:

1. Limited Availability

One significant limitation of FedEx’s notarization services is their limited availability.

Unlike traditional notary publics who operate during regular business hours, FedEx notaries are only available at select locations and during specific hours. 

It could be challenging for individuals or organizations requiring notarization services outside these limited windows or in areas where FedEx notaries are scarce.

2. Geographical Constraints

Another limitation of FedEx’s notarization services is their geographical constraints. 

While FedEx has an extensive global presence, notarization services are available in a few regions or countries. 

Also, it can be problematic for individuals or businesses operating in remote areas or international locations.

3. Document Restrictions

FedEx’s notarization services have document restrictions that can hinder their suitability for certain transactions. 

For instance, FedEx may not notarize certain documents, such as wills, trusts, or powers of attorney. 

These restrictions can limit the scope of services provided, requiring individuals or businesses to seek alternative options for specific legal documents.

4. Legal Limitations

Notarization is a legal process that ensures the authenticity of documents and verifies the identity of signatories. 

However, FedEx notaries may have limitations concerning offering legal advice or clarifying complex legal requirements. 

While they can witness and notarize documents, they cannot provide the comprehensive legal guidance that a specialized attorney or notary public could offer. 

It can be a disadvantage for individuals or businesses requiring specific legal expertise during the notarization process.

5. Notary Authority Recognition

Another consideration is the recognition of FedEx notaries’ authority. 

Although FedEx’s notarization services may be valid within the United States, their notary authority is not recognized universally, especially in international jurisdictions. 

This lack of recognition can cause issues regarding legal matters abroad, requiring additional steps or authentication processes to validate notarized documents.

6. Potential Delays and Additional Costs

When relying on FedEx’s notarization services, it is crucial to note possible delays and additional costs. 

Factors such as wait times, document volume, and shipping requirements can affect the efficiency of the notarization process. 

Also, FedEx’s fees for notarization services might be higher compared to local notaries, adding to the overall cost burden.


Exploring Alternatives to FedEx’s Notarization Services

Does FedEx Notarize?

Notarization services play a crucial role in legal and business transactions, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of documents. 

While FedEx has been a well-known provider of notarization services, it’s essential to be aware of alternative options available in the market. 

Here are alternatives to FedEx’s notarization services.

1. Nearby Legal official Public

One of the most available options in contrast to FedEx’s authentication administrations is the neighborhood public accountant public.

The state government dispatches these people as fair-minded observers in marking significant reports.

Nearby legal officials can be at banks, regulation workplaces, protection offices, or even through versatile administrations. 

They offer a scope of public accountant administrations, including sworn statements, affirmations, and jurats. 

Using a nearby legal official can be practical and helpful, especially for limited-scope authorization needs.

2. Online Authentication Stages

With the progression of innovation, online legal approbation stages have arisen as a feasible option in contrast to customary legal approbation techniques. 

These stages influence video conferencing and electronic mark innovation to work with far-off authentications. 

They normally work day in and day out, permitting clients to get to legal official administrations from any place on the planet. 

Online authorization stages offer upgraded comfort, time productivity, and decreased costs.

Nonetheless, it is fundamental to guarantee that these stages consent to legitimate necessities in your ward.

3. Portable Public Accountant Administrations

Portable legal official administrations are a brilliant choice for people or organizations that require authorization in a particular area. 

These services are especially valuable for authenticating archives in medical clinics, nursing homes, or organizations with occupied plans. 

Versatile public accountants offer adaptability and accommodation yet may charge higher because of their movement costs.

4. Banks and Monetary Foundations

Many banks and monetary foundations offer authorization administrations to their clients. 

Banks often offer these services as a free or minimal expense advantage to account holders. 

Authorizations directed at banks and monetary establishments convey an additional layer of trust, as these associations focus on security and validation. 

In any case, it’s vital to take note that these administrations may simply be accessible to existing clients or for explicit kinds of reports.

5. Law offices and Lawyers

Law offices and lawyers are one more option for authorization administrations. 

As well as giving legitimate guidance, numerous law offices offer public accountant administrations to their clients. 

Connecting with a law office or a lawyer for authorization guarantees proficient skill and information regarding legitimate issues. 

However, it is necessary to note that notarization services are often expensive, particularly for complex reports or discussions.

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