Battery Operated Wall Sconces

How Battery-Operated Wall Sconces Can Transform Your Decor

What do battery-operated wall sconces look like? Battery-operated sconces are like the magic wands of lighting. Imagine having stylish, elegant lights that don’t need any pesky wires or outlets.

Battery Operated Wall Sconces

These sconces give you the freedom to brighten up any corner of your home without the hassle of installation.

You can place these beautiful lights anywhere in your home, and they can instantly transform your space with just the click of a switch.

Let’s dive into details on how it looks like, how long the battery can last, and the different battery-operated wall sconces you can choose to light up your home. 

What Do Battery Operated Wall Sconces Look Like?

Battery Operated Wall Sconces are cool light fixtures you can stick on your walls, and instead of plugging them in, they run on batteries.

They’re perfect for places where it’s difficult to install regular lights, like rented homes, outside areas, or spots that might have power issues.

These sconces usually use LED lights, which last a long time and don’t use up a lot of battery power.

You can also control them how you like with adjustable brightness, motion sensors, or even a remote control.

Some can be recharged, while others use regular batteries. So, if you want stylish lights without the hassle of wires, battery operated sconces are the best to consider.

How Long Does the Battery Last in the Battery Light?

These 3 sets of batteries last differently, which are;

1. Micro Drop LED Battery Lights 

These lights run on 3 AA batteries, and the whole set can keep shining for more than 100 hours, depending on the brand and how old the batteries are.

The tiny drop lights use CR batteries and last around 100 hours for each set of batteries too. So, you get lots of glow without worrying about changing batteries too often!

2. Incandescent Battery Lights 

These classic battery-powered glass lights come with 15 bulbs and require 2 C batteries. Because they use old-school incandescent bulbs that produce light by heating a filament, each set of 2 batteries only lasts for about 4-7 hours.

They’re cheap and give off a warm, traditional glow, making them perfect for parties and receptions. Just remember to turn them on right before your guests show up!

3. LED Battery Lights

These LED battery lights have bigger lenses and come with green or white wiring. While they may not be as energy-efficient as the tiny LED lights, their larger lenses match well with regular LED string lights.

So, you can use these battery sets alongside your usual LED string lights for a coordinated look. Each set, powered by 3 AA batteries, lasts for 18-24 hours, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the glow!

Choosing the Best Battery Operated Wall Sconces for Your Home

You can turn any regular wall sconce into a battery-operated one. It is just to pick a sconce you like, put it on your wall, and use puck lights to make it run on batteries.

We’ve got a list of 12 battery-operated wall sconces that not only look stylish but also won’t cause any issues with your landlord.

There are;

1. Roxy Armed Sconce

battery operated wall sconces
Roxy Armed Sconce

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If you’re into a rustic feel, check out this caged bulb on a textured wooden plank.

It’s not just for indoors because it works outdoors too.

You could get a couple to keep the same vibe in your whole building. The industrial look gives a comfortable and simple look to any room.

2. Koopala LED Wall Sconces

battery operated wall sconces
Koopala LED Reading Lights

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You can get this LED lamp in many colors, and it has three brightness and light temperature options.

Whether you want a bright reading light or a soft, cozy glow in the background, this lamp is just right.

Plus, it comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 20 hours when set to the lowest power setting.

3. Nordic Aisle Wall Lamp

battery operated wall sconces
Nordic Wall Sconce

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This resin sconce has a cool textured look and gives off light from the top and bottom. You can get it in many fine colors, and it offers both cool and warm lighting options.

People find it pretty easy to install. It uses LED bulbs, which are better for the environment and last longer than regular bulbs.

So, you can go for this, if you need something cool.

4. Battery-Operated Vintage Adjustable Wall Sconces

battery operated wall sconces
Vintage Adjustable Industrial Wall Sconce 

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These rechargeable sconces come with a remote control, but they have a classic vibe, not a super modern one.

They’re made of strong black iron, giving them a vintage look without the high antique price.

Plus, think about how helpful it’ll be to change the light settings on your couch without getting up.

5. Landgoo LED Rechargeable Wall Sconce

battery operated wall sconces
LANDGOO LED Wall Sconce Night Light

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If your wall is already filled with decorations or you just want a subtle light, this slim cylindrical sconce is perfect.

It’s sleek and even comes with a built-in motion sensor, which is great for those who like going to the bathroom at night.

You can also put it close to or under your cabinets for easy access and efficiency during the night.

6. Aototen Rechargeable Wall Sconce

battery operated wall sconces
Wall Sconces with Up and Down Light Sources

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If you want a softer and cool vibe in your space, these dimmable linen sconces are the way to go.

Unlike those bright overhead lights that can be a bit harsh, these sconces create a relaxing atmosphere, whether you’re working, watching a movie, or getting ready for bed.

They’re easy on the eyes and perfect for any activity!

7. PERMO Classic Industrial Wall Sconce

battery operated wall sconces
PERMO Set of 2

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These shaded sconces are absolutely beautiful with their brass bodies and Art Deco design.

You should get it if you have a fireplace or just want to add a touch of elegance to your shared spaces.

Unlike some other sconces, these don’t stick flat against the wall, which is nice if you’re looking for a bit more depth in your decor.

8. Modern LED Touch Switch Wall Sconce

battery operated wall sconces
Modern LED Wall Sconce

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This controlled lamp can make anyone feel like a kid again.

It’s pretty satisfying to tap on the bar in the middle of this rectangular light to change how bright it is.

What’s good about it is that you can pick from different sizes, including one that’s about the size of a smartphone. So, it works well in all sorts of spaces.

9. Dimmable Wireless Wall Sconce

battery operated wall sconces
Dimmable Wall Sconces Sets of 2

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This set of gold-toned sconces is nice because it comes with a remote, but you can also change the settings by tapping on them.

There are many color options to pick from, and you can even set them to change colors.

You get to choose how the colors switch, whether they fade, flash, or strobe into each other. It’s like having your personalized light show.

10. Marlecia Manufactured Wood Flush-Mounted Sconce

battery operated wall sconces
Marlecia Manufactured Wood Flush Mounted Sconce

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Spruce up your bedroom or terrace with these cute floral sconces.

Each has a fake bouquet and Mason jar hanging on a farmhouse-style piece of wood, turning it into a light fixture that’s not just functional but also like a piece of art.

The set comes with a remote control, so you can easily pick from eight different light modes. It’s a simple way to add a touch of whimsy to your space.

11. LUXSWAY Battery Operated Wall Sconces

battery operated wall sconces
Battery Operated Wall Sconce

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Luxsway is a popular and affordable choice for accent lighting. Their battery operated wall sconce is a top pick for those on a budget.

It provides good brightness (up to 100 lumens) and comes with three color temperature options. Despite offering only one sconce in the box, it’s versatile.

The 3 AA batteries last up to 60 hours, and there’s a 30-day warranty, making it a great entry-level option.

12. KCO Battery – Operated Wall Sconces

battery operated wall sconces
 Battery-Operated Wall Sconce

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KCO is a high-end lighting brand known for its stylish designs, and its battery operated wall sconce is no exception.

It’s a top choice for those seeking a modern and great look. Keep in mind that despite the premium price, you only get one sconce in the box since it’s made of metal.

The downside is that it doesn’t come with a bulb and needs to be plugged into a power outlet.

However, you do get a benefit from installing a third-party bulb which happens to be the fact that you can install a bulb of any color of your choice.

Furthermore, you don’t even need to be concerned about the wall sconce’s battery life rating because it runs on wall sockets.

The good thing is that many wall sconce comes with a warranty which implies it is expected to perform at a high level because of it’s premium quality.

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