UPS Follow My Delivery

How Does UPS Follow My Delivery Work?

UPS Follow My Delivery was a feature that permitted clients to follow their UPS delivery trucks conveying their package progressively as it is being delivered.

UPS Follow My Delivery

It made it simpler for clients to look after their packages and get them without ruining their arrangements.

Sadly, UPS discontinued the service. The notice on the UPS website reads, “Your Follow My Delivery live map is no longer available.”

However, the reason why UPS discontinued the service is unknown. Follow us as we disclose how the UPS Follow My Delivery works.

How Does UPS Follow My Delivery Work?

Before UPS discontinued the UPS Follow My Delivery service, it worked like this:

  • Create a UPS My Choice Account: The first thing was registering for the service on the UPS website.
  • Log In: You can log in by entering your username and password after you have created an account.
  • Track Your Package: After logging in, you can access package tracking information by inputting the tracking number into the “Track a Package.”
  • Follow My Delivery: If the UPS Follow My Delivery is applicable to your package, you will find an option labeled “Follow My Delivery.”
  • Tracking: After activating UPS Follow My Delivery, you will gain the ability to monitor your package’s real-time location on a map.

Can Customers Still Track their Packages?

Despite the discontinuation of the UPS Follow My Delivery service, the UPS tracking service is very much available if you want to monitor the movement of your package.

All you have to do is input your package tracking number on the UPS website to check the progress update of your package.

The UPS online tracking system offers these helpful services:

Benefits of UPS Follow My Delivery

UPS Follow My Delivery offered a benefit as far as package following and delivery management. It provided several advantages to the customers.

These benefits are as follows:

1. Visibility

UPS Follow My Delivery enhanced the transparency of the package delivery process.

It allowed customers to follow their package continuously, providing them with a reasonable perspective on where their package is.

2. Schedule Planning

Knowing the exact location and the estimated delivery time of packages helps in daily plans.

It helps you make plans to be available when your delivery is approaching its destination.

3. Information Updates

The frequent updates by UPS Follow My Delivery offered a high level of accuracy and reliability.

With updates every 2-3 minutes, you could monitor the progress of your package and receive timely notifications.

4. First of its Kind

UPS was the first major package carrier in the United States to offer such detailed tracking capabilities.

It provided customers with both visual and textual updates about the package’s location.

Why Discontinue the USPS Follow My Delivery?

UPS Follow My Delivery

It remains unclear why UPS discontinued the Follow My Delivery service.

However, three major factors that likely contributed to UPS discontinuing the service include:

1. Safety Concerns

The broadcasting of their exact location throughout the day made delivery truck drivers have reservations about their safety and privacy.

Some reported instances where customers pressured them to break rules for early package delivery.

This raised concerns about potential theft or robberies, as individuals could track package deliveries and steal them from porches when owners weren’t at home.

2. Poor Customer Experience

Predicting when a delivery truck would pass by a customer’s home to deliver a package could be confusing and frustrating.

Trucks might pass through a neighborhood multiple times in the morning before making a delivery later in the evening.

This unpredictability may have led to increased customer complaints of customer support.

3. Tracking Accuracy Issues

While the idea of tracking packages in real-time sounds appealing, customers found that the GPS updates were not consistently precise.

It’s possible that the cost of maintaining or upgrading the GPS support for the Follow My Delivery feature outweighed its benefits.

This must have led UPS to discontinue the feature to avoid over-promising and failing to deliver.

UPS Follow My Delivery used to be a handy tool for tracking packages easily with real-time updates and customizable alerts.

Unfortunately, the service is no longer available. However, you can still keep an eye on your package’s journey using UPS tracking.

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