Is Lavender Safe for Cats

Is the Lavender Plant Toxic to Cats?

Is lavender safe for cats? As a cat lover or owner, you should consider this question before replacing those chemicals at home with lavender.

is lavender safe for cats?

We know lavender has this soothing aroma that brings a pleasant smell when used at home but if you have pets at home, you should also put them into consideration, so you don’t end up putting their health at risk.

Alright, let’s explore and find out if having lavender at home is cool for our pets. And if it’s not, don’t worry, we’ve got the scoop on how to keep our furry buddies safe and sound.

Is Lavender Safe for Cats?

Lavender may make your home smell nice, but it can be harmful to your pets.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has confirmed that lavender plants are toxic to cats, dogs, and horses.

It turns out that cats can’t tolerate two natural ingredients in lavender, called linalool and linalyl acetate. So, it’s best to be cautious about using lavender around your furry friends.

Now, these ingredients are the secret sauce in lavender’s smell, and they’re like a shield against bugs. And Lavender is also considered an insect repellents.

Unfortunately, while lavender does wonders for us humans by making our homes smell nice, and helping us relax, it becomes bad for the health of these pets.

There are many types of lavender, and they all have the same chemical effect with potential danger for our pets.

So, it’s best to keep all forms of lavender away from your pets. If, by any chance, your cat bites on lavender, don’t hesitate to call the animal poison control or rush to the Pet veterinarian. 

What is a Lavender Essential Oil?

is lavender safe for cats?

Lavender Essential Oil is a super-concentrated version of the plant, and it’s often used in those fancy scent diffusers to make your space smell amazing.

But it becomes harmful when it comes in contact with your cats. If your curious kitty gets a taste or even just rubs against it, they get a bad reaction immediately.

Lavender essential oil is super potent, so even a tiny bit can make your cat feel sick. And if they happen to inhale it, especially if they’ve got asthma, it could mess with their breathing.

Don’t think of using lavender oil for calming your cat because it doesn’t work. Using lavender oil might be riskier than having the plant itself around.

It’s so concentrated that if it gets on your cat’s fur, they might end up licking it off, swallowing a bunch of stuff their body can’t handle.

So, if you’re a lover of cats, maybe stick to other scents and keep that lavender oil out of the way.

Why Essential Oils are Sensitive to Cats?

Cats are sensitive to essential oils because of their keen sense of smell and thin skin, allowing quick absorption into their bloodstream.

Unfortunately, cats can’t effectively break down these oils, leading to a potentially toxic build-up. It’s a concern for cat owners who might unknowingly use these oils at home. 

The list of essential oils that are not safe for your cats are; Peppermint, Oregano, Clove, Sage, Citrus oils, Lavender, Melaleuca (tea tree oil), Cinnamon (cassia), Wintergreen, Thyme, Birch, Bergamot, Pine, Spruce and any other oils containing phenols.

Signs of Lavender Toxicity in Cats

If your cat comes into contact with lavender, it might affect them in various ways, depending on how sensitive they are.

Eating the plant or its essential oil could upset their stomach and harm their liver. If it gets on their skin or in their eyes, it could cause redness and discomfort. 

Here are some noticeable signs you might look out for in your cats before you reach out to your vet; 

  • Stomach problems like vomiting and diarrhea
  • Refusing to eat or drink
  • Lethargy, unwillingness to play
  • Wheezing and asthma
  • Slower breathing rate
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Liver failure, which can cause rapid weight loss and yellowing of the skin, eyes and gums

How to Make Sure Your Cat Stays Safe From Lavender

is lavender safe for cats?

If you’ve got any lavender at home, here’s how to keep your cat safe:

1. Keep the lavender stuff away from your cat’s hangout spots like the litter box, toys, and food areas.

2. If you’re into lavender candles, light them up in larger rooms. The more space, the less likely your cat breathes in too much lavender.

3. Use mountable air fresheners where the stink is strongest such as trash cans, above the oven, or in the garage.

4. If you need to spritz lavender spray in a small space, do it when your cat’s not around. Give it some time before letting them back in.

5. If you’re into lavender for the good vibes, try other methods like adding a couple of drops to your bath or applying it to your skin. Just be sure it’s in places your cat won’t be licking or rubbing. 

Alternatives to Lavender Scented Air Fresheners

If you’re worried about using lavender around your pets, then you should consider these Fresh Wave’s alternatives so that your place can keep smelling fresh.

1. Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray

This magic spray, powered by plants, tackles stinky molecules in fabrics and surfaces. Spritz it on carpets, and upholstery, or wipe down counters and trash can areas, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

2. Fresh Wave Odor Removing Non-Aerosol Fine Mist Spray

This one’s also plant-powered and fights odors at the source. Use it instead of lavender or chemical-based fresheners. It’s perfect for spritzing on pet stuff, like bedding, shoes, or even car seats.

3. Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel

This is a gel that keeps the air fresh by slowly releasing plant-based molecules that grab onto nasty smells.

One jar of it can fight odors for a month or more, it’s great for kitchens, bathrooms, and, of course, around the litter box. And you can get refills to keep the freshness going without adding to the waste.

Now we know that the lavender smell is toxic to our pets, especially cats. Both the plant and its oils don’t sit well with their tummies, skin, or breathing.

So, to keep your cat happy and healthy, it’s best to skip the lavender and explore cat-friendly alternatives.

Ensure to consider products like Fresh Wave that use plant power to make your place smell great without any lavender worries for your pets.

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