FedEx cup championship

When is the FedEx Cup Championship?

FedEx Cup Championship stands as the pinnacle of achievement and offers golfers a chance to etch their names in the annals of history. It is often known as the “crowning jewel” of the PGA Tour.

FedEx cup championship

The FedEx Cup Championship is not a traditional standalone tournament.

It is a culmination of a year-long race known as the FedEx Cup Playoffs.

We will find out more about this prestigious event that has brought golf’s elite together.

When Did the FedEx Cup Championship Begin?

The FedEx Cup Championship had its inception in 2007. However, it was already in the pipeline in the early 2000s.

This was when the PGA Tour leadership recognized the need for a more engaging end to the golf season.

The tournament was introduced as a response to the growing popularity of other sporting playoffs. It sought to create a playoff system similar to those seen in other major sports.

So, after thorough planning and discussions, the FedEx Cup Championship officially began.

The tournament’s title sponsor, FedEx, brought financial support to the event and elevated its importance within the golfing community.

Meanwhile, the format of the FedEx Cup was designed to create excitement and maintain interest throughout the PGA Tour season. Players can earn points in regular-season events based on their performance.

Then those points will be accumulated to determine the rankings leading into the playoffs.

The top 125 players at the end of the regular season will qualify for the FedEx Cup Playoffs, representing the first stage of the championship.

For this year, the FedEx Cup Championship will be hosted from 10th August to 27th August 2023.

List of FedEx Cup Championship Winners

List of FedEx Cup Championship Winners

Since the FedEx Cup began, it has produced thrilling champions who have written their names in golfing history.

They include:

YearWinner               Points    Earnings
2022Rory McIlroy-21$18,000,000
2021Patrick Cantlay-21$15,000,000
2020Dustin Johnson-21$15,000,000
2019Rory McIlroy-18$15,000,000
2018Justin Rose2,260$10,000,000
2017Justin Thomas3,000$10,000,000
2016Rory McIlroy3,120$10,000,000
2015Jordan Spieth3,800$10,000,000
2014Billy Horschel4,750$10,000,000
2013Henrik Stenson4,750$10,000,000
2012Brandt Snedeker4,100$10,000,000
2011Bill Haas2,760$10,000,000
2010Jim Furyk2,980$10,000,000
2009Tiger Woods4,000$10,000,000
2008Vijay Singh125,101$10,000,000
2007Tiger Woods123,033$10,000,000

What are the Benefits of Winning the FedEx Cup Championship?

Winning the FedEx Cup Championship is not just about lifting a trophy. It comes with several benefits that can have a profound impact on a golfer’s career and future prospects.

Beyond the recognition of being crowned the best golfer of the PGA Tour season, the FedEx Cup Champion enjoys a host of advantages.

They include:

1. Generous Prize Money

One of the significant benefits of winning the FedEx Cup is the mouth-watery prize money.

The FedEx Cup champion is awarded a substantial cash bonus, amounting to several million dollars.

This financial windfall can be transformative for a golfer’s career. It provides them the opportunity to invest in their game, training, and future endeavors.

2. Exemptions and Invitations

The FedEx Cup winner receives several exemptions and invitations to prestigious tournaments on the PGA Tour calendar.

These tournaments represent the pinnacle of golf and offer an opportunity to compete against the world’s best players on iconic courses.

With these exemptions, the champion can skip the rigorous qualification process for these events. It also allows guaranteed starts in some of golf’s most coveted tournaments.

3. Increased Sponsorship Opportunities

The exposure that comes with winning the FedEx Cup can open doors to sponsorship deals and endorsement opportunities.

Corporate sponsors often seek to align themselves with successful athletes.

So, being a FedEx Cup Champion can boost a golfer’s marketability and earning potential off the course.

4. Ryder and Presidents Cup Consideration

Winning the FedEx Cup Championship gives international players an opportunity to earn a spot on the Ryder or Presidents Cup teams.

The prowess demonstrated during the FedEx Cup Playoffs can impress team captains.

It can also lead to their selections for these team competitions.

5. Career Recognition and Legacy

Being a FedEx Cup Champion cements a golfer’s legacy in the sport.

It places you among a group of elite players who have triumphed in one of golf’s most challenging and high-profile competitions.

The FedEx Cup title remains a defining moment in a golfer’s career.


How Do the FedEx Cup Playoffs Work?

The FedEx Cup Playoffs consist of three tournaments that form the climax of the PGA Tour season.

However, the first event known as “The Northern Trust” is a high-stakes tournament that narrows down the field to the top performers.

It was originally referred to as “The Barclays” before the name was changed. The second stage is the BMW Championship.

This is a prestigious tournament that reduces the field from 70 to the top 30 players.

At this stage, the excitement reaches a fever pitch as golfers fight for their spot in the Tour Championship, the final leg of the playoffs.

The Tour Championship serves as the culmination of the FedEx Cup Championship. Only the top 30 players in the FedEx Cup standings will qualify for this round.

What sets the Tour Championship apart is the unique scoring system, known as the “FedEx Cup points reset.”

Before the Tour Championship begins, the points are reset based on the players’ standings. The player who tops the FedEx Cup points list starts the tournament at -10 under par.

Meanwhile, the player who ranks second begins at -8 under par, and the pattern continues down the standings. This system rewards consistent performance throughout the PGA Tour season.

It also ensures that players who have performed exceptionally well leading up to the Tour Championship have a significant advantage.

The Point-Based System of FedEx Cup Championship

The Point-based format of the FedEx Cup is used to calculate points throughout the PGA Tour season.

This is because the points earned by players during the regular season contribute to their rankings on the FedEx Cup points list.

These rankings determine the players’ eligibility for the FedEx Cup Playoffs and the Tour Championship.

Here’s how the format works:

1. Regular-Season Points

During the PGA Tour season, players earn points based on their performance in each tournament they participate in.

The number of points awarded varies depending on the event’s prestige and the strength of the field.

 For instance, major championships and World Golf Championships events offer higher points than regular PGA Tour events.

2. Point Distribution

The points distribution for regular PGA Tour events is structured that reward high finishes.

This means that the winner of a standard PGA Tour event receives around 500 FedEx Cup points.

However, the points decrease progressively for lower finishes. The precise point distribution varies from year to year, but the general principle remains the same.

3. Playoff Points Multiplier

Once the regular season concludes, the FedEx Cup Playoffs begin. Then, the player’s points will be reset based on their standings in the FedEx Cup rankings.

During the playoffs, the points are multiplied. For instance, each playoff event has a points multiplier of 2x.

This means that players receive double the regular-season points for their finishes.

4. Qualification for the Playoffs

To qualify for the FedEx Cup Playoffs, players need to be among the top 125 on the points list at the conclusion of the regular season.

This allows the consistent and successful performers throughout the year to get a chance to compete in the playoffs.

After the first playoff event, the top 70 players in the FedEx Cup standings advance to the second event. The player who tops the FedEx Cup points list starts the Tour Championship with the highest point total.


What are the Criticisms of the FedEx Cup Championship?

What are the Criticisms of FedEx Cup Championship?

Although the FedEx Cup Championship has become a significant event in professional golf, it has its fair share of criticisms.

Below are a few of them.

1. Complexity of the Points System

One of the major criticisms of the FedEx Cup Championship is the complexity of the points system used to measure the rankings.

People complain that the points system is complicated and can be difficult for casual fans to understand fully.

So, there’s a need to simplify the system to enhance the tournament’s appeal and make it more accessible to a broader audience.

2. Points Reset at the Tour Championship

The points reset at the Tour Championship have been a subject of debate since its introduction.

While the intention was to create a dramatic conclusion, some critics argue that it’s unfair to players who have performed well throughout the regular season.

With points reset, a player who does not have a standout regular season can emerge as the FedEx Cup Champion if they perform exceptionally.

3. Timing and Scheduling

There have always been concerns about the FedEx Cup Playoffs, which take place at the end of the PGA Tour.

This is because it often clashes with other significant golf events. Also, some players have expressed reservations about the compressed schedule.

They find it physically and mentally demanding, especially for those who also participate in international tournaments or team events.

4. Playoff Locations

The locations of the playoff events have also faced criticism.

Critics argue that selecting courses with limited history affects the excitement.

Also, choosing courses with low fan appeal will influence the atmosphere of the event.

5. Lack of Tradition and Legacy

As a new tournament introduced in 2007, the FedEx Cup Championship lacks historical tradition and legacy.

This is unlike other major golf events.

Some purists argue that the tournament needs more time to establish itself as a prestigious and storied competition.

6. Limited International Appeal

Although the FedEx Cup Championship is a highly regarded event within the United States, there have been discussions about its international appeal.

The tournament’s format and schedule do not resonate strongly with fans and players from outside the U.S. This hinders its global growth.

The FedEx Cup Championship is a tournament that blends passion, skill, and drama into an unforgettable spectacle.

From its inception, it has grown into one of the most anticipated events on the golfing calendar.

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