What Happens if FedEx Finds Cash in a Package?

What happens if FedEx finds cash in a package? Sending valuable cash through Fedex courier services can be risky, and many people wonder what would happen if their package containing cash is discovered by FedEx

What Happens if FedEx Finds Cash in a Package?

It is necessary to know that FedEx has strong rules in place when it comes to cash deliveries.

FedEx, with a few exceptions, restricts the shipping of banknotes, bank notes, and coins, according to their website.

What Happens if FedEx Finds Cash in a Package?

If FedEx finds cash in your package, they will take several steps to know exactly what to do with it.

The FedEx worker who discovered the cash must report it to their supervisor.

The incident will then be documented and the proper course of action will be decided by the supervisor.

The action that will be taken by the supervisor includes one of the following:

1. Return the Cash to the Sender

FedEx might refund the cash to the sender as a possible solution.

If the sender can be identified, FedEx will notify them that cash was discovered in their delivery and ask if they want it returned.

If the sender wishes to have the money returned, they must present proof of ownership, such as a receipt or a bank statement.

FedEx will then either mail the cash to the sender or arrange for them to pick it up at a FedEx site.

2. Hold the Cash Till the Recipient is Identified

If the money was transferred to a specific individual, such as through a cash transfer service like Western Union, FedEx will hold it until the recipient can be reached.

The recipient must show evidence of identification, such as a government-issued ID, as well as verification that they are the intended recipient of the cash.

FedEx will release the cash to the receiver once they have been identified and authenticated.

Is it Legal to Send Cash through FedEx?

Yes, it is legal to send cash through FedEx. However, while sending cash by FedEx is constitutionally legal, it is not encouraged.

Except for collectible coins and banknotes, jewelry, and numismatic material, FedEx bans the transportation of currency, bank notes, and coins.

Instead of sending cash through FedEx, consider a more safe and more dependable payment option, such as a wire transfer or an electronic payment service like PayPal or Venmo.

These options enable you to send money swiftly and securely, with built-in fraud protection and dispute resolution systems in the event that something goes wrong.

FedEx will follow its usual processes for addressing lost or unclaimed things if neither the sender nor the recipient can be identified, or if they do not want the cash returned.

It’s worth noting that if FedEx discovers cash in your shipment, they may also alert law police if they feel the cash is linked to illegal activity.

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