The acclaimed New Craftsman Gallery is celebrating spring with an exhibition of two of Cornwall’s most recognised and beloved landscape painters. Friends for over 40 years, Michael Praed and John Piper are no strangers to working together and their unique styles have defined the untameable beauty of the far west for decades.

John Piper, Penwith Farm

Known for his atmospheric scenes of West Penwith, John Piper’s work centres on the carns, moors, farm buildings, isolated cottages and ever-changing colours of this wild part of Cornwall that he calls home. Working purely in oils, John creates rich, detailed pieces by layering and glazing on paint, then scratching into the surface to reveal the familiar colours and shapes of Cornwall’s landscapes.

Michael Praed, Harbour Shapes with Reflections

Living in Newlyn, Michael Praed focuses on the harbours and fishing ports of West Cornwall and are filled with visual detail, stunning colour palettes and abstract shapes. His perfectly balanced compositions, vertical and horizontal lines and soft colours capture the delicate luminosity of Cornwall’s marine light.

As one of St Ives, and Cornwall’s, most internationally renowned galleries, the New Craftsman is a fantastic, brilliantly curated space to showcase these two contemporary Cornish artists. Now in its 55th year, the gallery is promising a season of stunning shows that continue to support Cornwall and UK painters and craftspeople.

You can discover the works of John and Michael at the New Craftsman Gallery from April 27th to the 24t May.
24 Fore Street, St Ives, Cornwall TR26 1HE
01736 795652