Whether it’s macrame, crochet, sewing, dressmaking, cushion making, knitting or any other kind of textile creativity, here’s why Truro Fabrics needs to be your point of call.

As one of Britain’s biggest independent fabric retailers, Truro Fabrics has been a staple store in Cornwall’s craft community for 35 years. Having started originally as a market stall, the store in Truro city centre now has three departments dedicated to dressmaking, fabrics, interiors, yarns and haberdashery. From textile craft supplies and high-end wedding fabrics to wallpapers, curtains and soft furnishings, this is truly a place of creativity and ‘made to last’ inspiration.

When it comes to fabrics and textiles, it’s a craft that many of us can be a little overwhelmed by and one that requires knowledge, precision and practice. However, with more and more people moving away from mass produced, throw away fashion, it’s a skill we could all do with learning a little bit more about. Jade Mulholland, E-Commerce Manager at Truro Fabrics, is here to give you everything you need to know when stepping into the world of fabrics.

“The fashion industry has become one of the largest global polluters since fast fashion has developed in the last few decades. Everything that Truro Fabric promotes and encourages goes against this. A ‘me made’ wardrove, whether that has been sewn or knitted, is the exact opposite of fast fashion and the throw away attitude it has birthed. Handmade clothes are to be looked after, cherished and more often than not, passed on.”

In recent years as people become more open to thrift shopping and vintage buying, the second-hand fashion industry and handmade industry is booming and is set to grow to a billion-pound empire over the next coming years.

“Dressmaking and knitting have definitely become more popular over the last decade,” says Jade, “Thanks to the movement towards making a more ethical and economical wardrobe choices but also thanks to The Great British Sewing Bee. We are always excited to welcome newly inspired customers into the store when the new season hits our screens each year.”

Of course making your own clothes is easier said than done, but Jade has a little bit of advice for those keen to start out,

“When you’re starting out making your own garments, be sure to enjoy the learning and mistake making process. Don’t be too precious over your first few creations! Between us here at Truro Fabrics we have a plethora of knowledge, never be afraid to ask a question no matter how silly it seems. Whether it’s helping you choose a coour palette or telling you what a word means on your pattern, we’re here to help.”

There’s an extensive range of yarns and all the tools necessary to get you started. The store also has a fantastic selection of books that feature simple projects for beginners to enable you to learn techniques and how to use the tools needed. When it comes to picking your fabrics, there are a range of eco-friendly and organic options available as Jade explains,

“With such a shift in environment consciousness, customers are a lot more aware of the fibre and materials they are using. Eco-friendly, organic and British made yarns and fabrics have snowballed in popularity. We are always trying to source more consciously, for example a new addition to our range is fabric made from recycled fibres.

“Bespoke and handmade interiors have seen a real increase in popularity too,” she continues, “Macramé and crochet have seen a real resurgence as a great way for people to hand make gifts, interior décor and fashion accessories.”

As well as their large roll in Cornwall’s ‘slow fashion’ industry, the team also supply to many local, small business selling handmade bespoke products. Supporting the local economy and promoting less mass-produced items in Cornwall is something incredible passionate to Jade and the team,

“Our team are all wonderfully creative people with their own knowledge and interests, varying from knit designers to print makers. One of the joys of working in the industry is being inspired by our customers, we love to hear about their projects and lend a hand however we can. In recent months, we have kick started our dream of hosting workshops and clubs, with the first being our knitting/crochet group happening on the first Tuesday afternoon of each month.”

Finally, Jade has one more tip for budding fabric craft enthusiasts,

“Always choose materials that you cannot wait to wear or use. Feeling inspired by your project is the first hurdle to success!”

Whether you’re looking to make a few changes to your wardrobe or take on a totally new challenge, Truro Fabrics have the tools, experience, knowledge and passion to help you on your way. Visit them in store and check them out online.

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