How Long is a FedEx Tracking Number Valid?

How long is a FedEx tracking number valid? This is one important question anyone using any shipping service should ask because we won’t assume that tracking numbers will be valid forever, hence, knowing how long they remain valid becomes really important. 

How Long is a FedEx Tracking Number Valid?

A tracking number is a special identification that enables you to keep track of your package’s status as it travels through the shipping system.

FedEx Freight tracking numbers normally include a total of 12 digits and are composed of both numbers and letters.

When you generate a shipping label, this number is given to your shipment and travels with it the entire time.

How Long is a FedEx Tracking Number Valid?

The good news is that FedEx tracking numbers are generally valid indefinitely. 

it doesn’t matter how you have a particular tracking number, you can use it every time and anytime. There are however certain limitations and restriction

Your tracking number will expire if the shipping was an international shipment.

This is because international shipments often require additional documentation and may be subject to customs delays.

In these cases, FedEx may assign a new tracking number to your package if the original tracking number has been inactive for too long.

Similarly, if you’re shipping a package using FedEx Ground, your tracking number may expire after a certain amount of time.

This is because FedEx Ground shipments typically take longer to arrive than other FedEx services.

What to Do if Your Tracking Number Isn’t Working

What should you do if your tracking number isn’t working? The first thing is to ensure the tracking number was corrected and inserted.

It is possible to make a mistake while typing out your tracking, so ensure it is correct. 

Now if after you have checked it and it still isn’t working, then it would be that there is an issue with the shipment itself. For example, the package may have been delayed or lost in transit. 

I’ll advise that you call their customer care and talk to them directly so they could help you fix it.

You can contact FedEx customer service through their website or by phone.

You would agree with me that there have been advancements over the years in every facet of life, including the shipping area.

Today from the comfort of your home, with just a phone or laptop, you can get a live update on how a particular package is doing.

This can be done with a few digit number, those numbers are called tracking numbers They help you monitor a package while in transit. 

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