How Do I Track Exactly Where My FedEx Package is?

How Do I Track Exactly Where My FedEx Package is?

How do I track exactly where my FedEx package is a question to ask if you’ve ever anxiously waited for a package to arrive. FedEx provides a tracking service that allows you to keep an eye on the location and progress of your shipment in real time. In this post, we’ll guide you through the FedEx parcel tracking process.

How Do I Track Exactly Where My FedEx Package is?

The tracking process is one of the most crucial components of delivery.

It is convenient to track your purchase order number from when it has left the warehouse until it reaches its destination.

So, you could be wondering: “How do I track exactly where my FedEx package is?” Let’s find out!

How Do I Track Exactly Where My FedEx Package is?

There are several ways to track your FedEx package. They include:

1. Obtain Your FedEx Tracking Number

The first step in tracking your FedEx package is to obtain your tracking number.

This unique number is assigned to your package and is used to identify and locate your shipment throughout its journey.

However, you can only find your tracking number on your FedEx shipping label, receipt, or confirmation email.

It is a 12- or 15-digit number that includes letters and numbers.

2. Go to the FedEx Website

Visit on a computer or mobile device once you have your FedEx tracking number.

This is the official FedEx website where you can access their tracking tool.

Enter your tracking number to receive real-time updates on your shipment when you click on the website.

3. Enter Your Tracking Number

On the FedEx website, you’ll find a “Track” tab or link. Click on it to access the tracking tool.

Following that, enter your tracking number in the appropriate field and click “Track” or “Enter” on your keyboard.

The tracking tool will search for your package and provide you with the latest status and location updates.

4. Review Tracking Information

The FedEx tracking tool will show the tracking details for your package once your tracking number has been entered.

This includes the package’s current location, the estimated delivery date, any delivery exceptions, and a detailed tracking history.

Your tracking history will show your package’s journey from origin to current status.

 5. Activate FedEx Delivery Manager

FedEx also offers a free service called FedEx Delivery Manager.

You can set delivery times, personalize your delivery preferences, and get alerts about your packages with this service.

Also, you can sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager on the FedEx website and link it to your tracking number.

6 Download the FedEx Mobile App

If you prefer to track your FedEx packages on the go, you can download the FedEx Mobile App on your smartphone or tablet.

Both iOS and Android smartphones can download the app.

It provides you with a convenient way to track your packages, manage your shipments, and receive notifications about your deliveries.

7. Contact FedEx Customer Service

If you encounter any issues with tracking your FedEx package or have questions about your shipment, contact FedEx customer service for assistance.

The FedEx customer service provides you with updates on your package’s status, helps resolve issues, or provides information about FedEx services.

You can easily trace your package’s development in real-time and get status updates by following the above-described steps.

However, don’t be afraid to ask FedEx customer service for help if you have any queries regarding your shipment.

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