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How Do I File a Dispute with FedEx?

how do I file a dispute with FedEx? Let’s be real here, no matter how renowned the shipping company is, there will always be days when a customer’s item goes missing, or damaged or the arrival is delayed.

How Do I File a Dispute With FedEx?

When issues arise like loss of items, damage of items, or even late arrival of items, you file for a dispute with FedEx.

Now what you doing is, you are letting the shipper, in this case, FedEx, know that a parcel that you paid them to deliver has either not arrived at the destination, or arrived in a damaged condition.

By doing this, you’re also letting them know that this loss or damage to the parcel is their fault, not yours, or that of the recipient.

It is your responsibility to let them know this. Your business will have two contracts one with the customer and one with the shipper.

How Do I File a Dispute with FedEx?

Below are steps you can follow to file a dispute with FedEx

1. Get Your Paperwork in Order

The first thing you must do is file a claim with FedEx you must lodge all relevant paperwork within 21 calendar days (three weeks) of the date of the delivery, this is very important.

You should send your claim through the post, fax, or email, and must be sent to the shipping company’s Customer Support department.

For you to get the best result, ensure to add all the paperwork pertaining to the order.

This includes the commercial invoice for the goods and the parcel, as well as proof of the costs you have incurred as a result of the loss of, or damage to, the parcel.

2. Fill Out the Online Claim Form

When you are done filling out the claim, next thing is to go to the FedEx website and complete the form on the claims page.

Here, you should Enter your parcel tracking number and then choose what type of claim you wish to lodge.

After doing that, the website will then bring up the most up-to-date tracking data that it has for that number.

Below that, you can complete the details about the shipment either going missing or getting damaged.

3. Upload Supporting Documentation

The next step is for you to upload photographs that show the damage if you have any, this is very important. 

it’s always best to ask the customer for those if possible. Also, you would have to prove the value of the shipment.

The same invoice sent to your customer will work here. Finally, you’ll find a space to enter your contact details and then review your claim before hitting submit.

If you are working with more than one claim, it is possible to file batch claims for either missing shipments or damaged parcels.

The system allows you to claim for up to 200 different tracking numbers in one go.

However, this is a complex, time-consuming process and you will need to ensure you have all of the paperwork and information ahead of time.

What if My FedEx Claim is Denied?

For every claim FedEx receives, they investigate it thoroughly.

One important thing they’ll observe is how you packed your parcel for shipping, and if you followed their rules.

FedEx will take no responsibility for the packing of items, If there were damages due to poor packing, the fault lies with the sender.

In a situation where the box shows no exterior damage but the product is damaged, this will show that it is a packing fault and your claim will be denied.

Make sure you get photos of the box from the receiver so that you can see for yourself if it was a packing error or careless handling by the shipper. 

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