Whether you fancy yourself an intrepid explorer, a World War II navy captain or a communications extraordinaire, there really are no limits to your imagination in Porthcurno. myCornwall made a visit to this breathtaking location and toured everything the newly renovated Telegraph Museum Porthcurno had to offer and came to the conclusion that this really is the perfect family day out destination.

Find The Carrier Pigeons


Kids can grab a backpack, complete with binoculars, and go hunting for these pesky little pigeons! Search the museum and help them crack the code by solving the morse code. Not only will this keep them entertained for hours, they will learn this historical form of communication through an exciting and playful game.

Travel Back In Time


Enter through the gas and bomb proof doors and return seventy five years back in time to when we were in the midst of war!  Explore the tunnels which were built to protect the country’s vital communication systems and learn all about the pivotal role these tunnels played in World War Two.

Dress Up


Kids will relish the opportunity to transform themselves into a World War II navy captain, a solider fighting on the front line or a court judge. Let them grab an outfit and watch as their imagination does the rest!

Brave the Escape Stairs…


Put on your hard hat and get ready to brave the 120 steps that were once created as an emergency escape route in the event of an enemy attack. Once you’ve completed this formidable challenge enjoy a panoramic view of the valley and have a rest before making your way back down.

Meet Tommy the World War One Solider


On Thursdays and Saturdays there’s every chance you’ll bump into Tommy the World War One solider; find out about life on the front line, what weapons were used in the First World War and the horror of the trenches.

Get Hands On in the Activity Room


Whether its swiping your hand through a 3D projection, experimenting with electromagnets, making a call from a retro telephone or writing a message in morse code Porthcurno Telegraph Museum is a truly hands on experience that will keep your kids entertained for hours. Unlike many museums Telegraph Museum Porthcurno really allows you to get stuck and learn the history in a fun and exciting way that makes it a fantastic family day out!

Great Britain at War


Take a rare opportunity to read and leaf through the newspaper that announced the start of World War One. Wonder at the news stories that sat beside this iconic moment in history. Ask your kids to imagine what it must have been like to hear the announcement of such life changing news! How would they react now?

Finish the Day With A Trip to Porthcurno’s Beautiful Beach


After you’ve looked around the museum and visited the cafe, wander down to the beach to admire the breath-taking views, go for a walk and, depending on the weather, go for a dip in the sea!


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