In the space of a few weeks, everyday life as we know it has changed. As the coronavirus COVID-19 spreads across the UK, measures are being taken to tackle rising cases. Here, we discuss how we want to help those affected and what you can do if you’re feeling helpless in your local community…

Adapting to Change

It’s a concerning time for businesses in Cornwall, who are on the cusp of what is supposed to be the start of the new season. It’s a time when doors open wide and businesses can recuperate after the quiet winter. The streets are packed, the hotels are full and tables are booked.

Understandably, many businesses have now been left worrying about what the future holds, with social distancing, self-isolation and advice against travelling to bars and restaurants now in place. How will Cornwall weather this situation, whilst also protecting those that are most vulnerable to the disease? As well as this, how can we, as a community, help those who will feel the pinch of these next months most?

Overnight, many Cornish businesses have been swiftly adapting to the changes. For a county largely built on the hospitality industry, small businesses such as restaurants, cafes, bars, delis and pop ups are dependant on this time of year, not to mention the small businesses that are comprised of gift, homeware, gallery and lifestyle stores that thrive during this season. Already, many businesses are shifting the way they work to be able to still serve local people and here’s how we can help them…

A Chance for Social Media to Shine

This is a chance for social media to do some real good. Start sharing posts from your favourite local businesses and creatives. Many will have already made announcements about the steps they are taking to manage the COVID-19 spread, whether it’s offering take away services, virtual tours, online availability or an increase in their social media presence. Now is the time to fill your feed and the feed your friends with posts from the businesses you follow and love who are adapting to still offer delicious, food, gifts, art and culture.

Farm Shops – Now is the time to re-ignite a passion for local produce. If you’re struggling to get to the supermarket, investigate what your local farm shops and independent food stores are doing. Some are offering local delivery and many are well stocked and prepared to serve their communities to keep them going!

Most gift and homeware stores in Cornwall will have a website, an Instagram page or a Facebook page, showcasing a wide variety of products. Local makers are always big on Instagram and Etsy, and many are currently offering discounts, free shipping and other goodies. Have a birthday coming up? Get browsing. Have questions about a product or shipping and stock issues? Ask the maker. From clothing to lampshades, if you’re looking for a gift to give to a (socially distanced) friend, or if you’re using the self-isolation period to do some DIY and re-decorating, don’t think that Cornwall’s virtual doors are shut. They’re open wide and they want to answer your questions and offer clarity on what they’ll be doing as much as possible.

Usually, it’s a very social time of year for galleries and artists, as plenty of Private Views, new exhibitions and events kick off the spring season. Whilst many of these will have now been postponed, you can still check out all the art Cornwall has to offer online. Some are even offering virtual tours of their latest exhibitions! You’ll also be able to check out a wealth of art, craft and gallery goodness in our upcoming ART GUIDE (click the link to see our Summer 2019 guide) which will be available online with links to all our featured client’s websites, social media and more. It’s the perfect way to enjoy Cornwall’s creative culture from the comfort your sofa.

Museums and heritage sites rely on thousands of visitors weekly, even daily, to get by and so we know this will be an exceptionally difficult time for Cornwall’s most prized cultural hotspots. If you have a few spare coins, that you would have normally popped into a heritage site’s collection box during a visit, or for the cost of an entrance fee to a museum you were planning on going to, perhaps consider making the donation anyway? Most attraction and heritage sites accept donation payments online and even if it’s just the cost of the latte you’d have normally bought from the coffee shop on your way to work that morning, it will be greatly appreciated.

See a post that would benefit the elderly? Let those nearby know! A lot of posts have been circulating around social media that involve local businesses offering select times and days in which only elderly people can visit (such as Penzance’s Iceland opening the store only for elderly people on Wednesday mornings). This is a fantastic community effort to help those who are most vulnerable to the coronavirus, but not every elderly person has access to social media. If you have a neighbour nearby who is elderly, who might benefit from local opportunities such as this, make the effort to let them know. Whether it’s a note through the letterbox or a phone call, it could make this potentially lonely time easier for some.

Making a Change We Should be Shouting About?

We want to help! Whether it’s press releases of positivity, shouting out about an online website, a new delivery service, one to one shopping services, discounts, free shipping, community volunteer projects and everything in between, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

We want to use the power of our website and social media to shout about small and local businesses in Cornwall who are adapting to the change and will do our best to help tell your story.

Just email our editor, Alex at


With the upcoming release of our April/May issue, the situation regarding regulations and advice around events and large gatherings were still unfolding. Every issue of our magazine contains things to do, see and discover and some of the information includes open times and time sensitive information. Since the recent daily changes from the government, these times and dates are now subject to change so we ask kindly that readers check before making their way to any event, exhibition, house, garden or attraction site beforehand. Above all else we want people to remain safe, healthy and happy and to do what is best for them and their families.

There is still so much to discover and read about in our April/May issue and plenty to plan in your diaries for future adventures. We’ve got some fantastic features going into this issue that pay homage to those that truly make Cornwall a better place and stories you are going to want to read about.

Finally, we want to thank you all for your continued support with myCornwall during this challenging time, it means a great deal. Together, we can continue to support Cornwall’s unique communities and economies.