From teaching your dog Cornish to re-imagined fairytales, Clive Baker is here with a selection of Cornish books for you to discover!

Teach your Dog Cornish, written by Anne Cakebread

Published by Y Lolfa, Wales

Whilst attending the Gorseth, of which I am a bard, down in St Just recently I came across this fabulous little book, ‘Teach your dog Cornish’. It was of special interest to me as in collaboration with a local dog breeder, I had come up with a number of commands in Cornish for her dogs. Whilst not as extensive as the work of this book, which was originally written in Welsh and is since published in Irish, Maori,Japanese and there is even a Rugby World Cup 2019 travel edition as well as in our own beloved language, my pupil loved the array of commands and their usefulness in Cornish. There was no mistaking the words as there might be in English…and for me it is a perfect solution for dog owners in fits perfectly into your pocket or handbag for use when walking your dogs, with pronunciation guides for each command…just perfect.

Available from Agan Tavas ….. cost £5.99

Rip Van Winkle…written by Washington Irving, and translated by the late Eddie Climo

Published by Gwask an Orlewen

“Rip Van Winkle” is a short story by the American author Washington Irving, first published in 1819. It follows a Dutch-American villager in colonial America named Rip Van Winkle who falls asleep in the Catskill Mountains and wakes up 20 years later, having missed the American Revolution. Irving wrote it while living in Birmingham, England, as part of the collection The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. The story is set in New York‘s Catskill Mountains, but Irving later admitted, “When I wrote the story, I had never been on the Catskills.”Eddie has translated many of the classics that survived through to my own youth and I loved them all, as they gave me such an insight to the peoples of the world and also of times past. The colourful artwork is of the period too…it is that of N.C.Wyeth abd gives the book real life. I found no difficulty in reading the book at all as it was read to me as a child and that experienced helped me for sure.

Available from Agan Tavas.

They shall Land..(The Spanish Raid on Mounts Bay, Cornwall July 1595.)

Written by Craig Weatherhill

Published by Penwith Press

This really interesting little book is another of those fabulous books borne of Craig Weatherhills penmanship. For the first time ever here is a blow by blow account of the Spanish Raid on Mounts Bay in 1595. With information drawn together from sources as far afield as Richard Carew’s 1602 ‘A Survey of Cornwall’ to the Spanish Commanders report to King Philip of Spain, which only came to light in !980. This account will take you back in time experiencing what went on in Penzance and the other parishes around Mounts Bay at that time. Craig’s skills as an archaeologist, his knowledge of topography and place names provides the reader with the very real drama of that period…Craig currently serves on the place names panel of Cornish Language Office of Cornwall Council, and also on the board of the Penwith Landscape Partnership…I am so glad I have found it for my own library.

Available from …Agan Tavas at a cost of £4.75

Adventures of Pinocchio…written by Carlo Collodi

Translated by Nicholas Williams

The Adventures of Pinocchio was originally published in a serial form as The Story of a Puppet in the Giornale per i bambini, one of the earliest Italian weekly magazines for children, starting from 7 July 1881. The story stopped after nearly 4 months and 8 episodes at Chapter 15, but by popular demand from readers, the episodes were resumed on 16 February 1882. In February 1883, the story was published in a single book. Since then, the spread of Pinocchio on the main markets for children’s book of the time was continuous and uninterrupted, and it was met with enthusiastic reviews worldwide. 
As of 2018 it has been translated into over 300 languages and that makes it the most translated non-religious book in the world and one of the best-selling books ever published, with over 80 million copies sold, and now we can add Cornish to this list!