Can You Print the FedEx Label on Paper?

Can You Print the FedEx Label on Paper? One of the most important steps in the FedEx shipping procedure is printing and applying a mailing label.

Can You Print the FedEx Label on Paper?

This label is essential since it identifies the package, sender, receiver, and delivery address.

When it comes to printing the FedEx label, you may be wondering if it can be done on standard paper.

Can You Print the FedEx Label on Paper?

The answer to the question is yes, you can print a FedEx label on paper. However, there are a few things to consider before doing so.

Let us take a look at what you need to consider before printing FedEx label on paper:

1. Quality of Paper

The quality of the paper you pick is one of the most critical elements to consider when printing a FedEx label on paper.

While standard paper can be used to print the label, high-quality paper is recommended to guarantee that the label is legible and scannable.

Using low-quality paper might cause smearing, ripping, or fading, making the label difficult to see and perhaps causing delivery delays.

A high-quality laser printer and a smooth, heavy-weight paper are suggested. Avoid using normal printer paper, which is often too thin and frail to withstand shipping.

Instead, use a greater weight of paper, such as 24lb or 32lb. A good-grade paper will also keep the label securely affixed to the package.

2. Size of the Label

FedEx shipping labels are 4×6 inches in size, which is bigger than a conventional sheet of printer paper.

It may be essential to tweak the printer settings to ensure that the label fits on the page when printing the label on normal paper.

Customers can achieve this by changing the label size in the print settings. It is best to print the label at 100% size rather than scale it down to fit on the page.

When the label is scaled down, the barcode or other important information may become deformed or illegible.

If the label still does not fit on a typical sheet of paper, try using a bigger size of paper, such as legal-sized paper.

3. Cost-Effective Option

Because adhesive label paper is more expensive than standard printer paper, using regular paper might help you save money on shipping expenses.

However, keep in mind that adhesive label paper is intended exclusively for shipping labels and is optimized for durability and readability.

While standard paper can be used, it is not as sturdy as adhesive label paper and may not last as long in transportation.

4. Label Attachment

Regular paper does not have an adhesive that adheres to the packaging, whereas adhesive label paper does.

Customers that use ordinary paper for shipping labels must use a different adhesive technique to bind the label to the package.

One solution is to wrap the entire label with transparent shipping tape and affix it to the package.

This will shield the label from water damage and keep it securely affixed throughout shipment. A label bag or mailing sleeve can also be used to store the label and protect it from harm.

Customers who have concerns about printing labels on conventional paper can utilize the FedEx Office Print & Go service to print their labels.

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