The Cornish Meadery is a dining experience which one could argue is pretty unique to our little corner of the world.

If you’re a local, you would’ve definitely grown up with a few birthdays being celebrated here, or as an adult, it became the place for a Saturday night stag or hen do.

As our readers are aware, we love everything and anything Cornish. And what’s more Cornish than very strong mead, fried chicken and scampi bites? We explore nine of the best quirks about what makes the Cornish Meadery so unique:

1: There is no cutlery.  You will have to eat with your fingers.  Don’t worry, you will soon realise this is really fun and rather liberating.

2: Do not come dressed up! A meadery is not like other restaurants – you will drip chicken juice on your lap.

3: This is a rustic dining experience.  A meadery is modelled on a medieval dining hall, wooden tables and floors, low lighting (usually candles) and serving wenches – Think King Arthur! (Or a parody version of Game of Thrones – without the horror and destruction)

4: Be careful with the mead. This drink is surprisingly strong, and very moreish when you get through the first half-pint. And with plenty of flavours, you’re really spoilt for choice.

5: The portions will be hearty – if you leave hungry,
you are definitely doing something wrong!

6: Newlyn’s salad bar is the best. Hands down. No arguing.

7: Over the course of the evening, you will hear plenty of ‘Happy Birthday’ choruses being sung out.

8: If you don’t order chicken in the rough, than who are you?

9: Arrive early. The salad bar is pristine, you get first dibs on your booth and you get to watch as stragglers get turned away.

And if you have never been . . . Go on and give it go! You can find a meadery in Penzance, Newlyn, Newquay, Redruth and Trewellard.


Words by Elizabeth Dale and Alice Dempsey.