Tamm ha Tamm Season 1 Episode 5

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Tamm ha Tamm is an online series of programmes in Cornish for beginners.

The first programme in the series was launched on St Piran’s Day 2011, with a new programme available online every month for a year. There are now two seasons of 12 programmes to get you started in learning Cornish.

The aim of the series is to provide a resource for people who would like to learn Cornish but who don’t have time to go to an evening class.  Each programme follows Steve Penhaligon, who is learning Cornish, in every day situations, such as ordering drinks from a coffee shop and going to work.

The programme is a collaboration between myCornwall and MAGA.  Henry Tamblin from myCornwall.tv says:

“We are really pleased to have teamed up with MAGA on this venture.  Kernewek being the corner stone of Cornish culture, it was only right that myCornwall.tv become involved and we are excited to help promote the revival of the language.”

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