Issue 2 Oct/Nov 2010

Issue 2 Oct/Nov 2010

Cornwall’s best locally made magazine dedicated to Cornwall and everything Cornish presents issue two edition of myCornwall Magazine.

In this issue:

• Bright lights, big city. How Truro has flourished into the city that it is today

• Cornish tartan, and the part it plays in local life

• Coastal inspiration, a beautiful collection of Benjamin Warner’s seascapes

• The legend of Jan Tregeale, forged documents and dark secrets

• The sailing surgeon, Zelonie E Moyle charts the life of her remarkable ancestor

Cornish oysters, and the popularity of the delicacy

If you wish to purchase this issue, please call  01209 314147 (UK)

or + 44 1209 314147 (overseas).

From £5.00 including postage and packaging (UK only)

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