Heartlands Diaspora Gardens

Heartlands Diaspora Gardens

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Heartlands is a green project with its focus firmly on a sustainable future.  The gardens and planting are carefully designed to reflect Cornwall’s ecology but also the influence of the Cornish mining pioneers whose enterprising spirit took them around the world.

The Park and Gardens is run by Heartlands staff and contractors with the recycling of organic material at the centre of their horticulture.  Water capture and retention is used to run the irrigation systems.  Plants and trees have been selected as the result of significant research into native and acclimatised species.

In the footsteps of the miners - Heartlands

Vibrant and exotic plant species from South America, Australia and Africa have been planted to acknowledge this, alongside native plants, while traditional Cornish stone hedges provide shelter.

In the 19th century, thousands of Cornish people emigrated across the world taking with them their culture, mining skills and technologies.

Through exquisite planting and fascinating interpretation, the Diaspora Gardens within Heartlands tell the story of the Cornish people and their influence on the lands to which they travelled.

The Gardens feature plants that were successfully introduced from Cornwall to foreign lands and those which returning countrymen brought back to Cornwall and successfully established in their own gardens, collections and nurseries.

Bounded by water, each of the Gardens are themed on continents and nations important to the story of Cornish migration including Australia, New Zealand,  South Africa, North and South America.

Visitors can cross continents and become fully immersed in the story as they wander through the diverse and unique planting in the Diaspora Gardens, while enjoying the peace and serenity of this truly inspirational new attraction and World Heritage Site.


The Gardens are open every day of the year except Christmas Day.
Heartlands, Robinson’s Shaft, Dudnance Lane, Pool, Redruth,
TR15 3QY  Tel: 01209 722320


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