GALLERY PROFILE: The Little Picture Gallery, Mousehole

GALLERY PROFILE: The Little Picture Gallery, Mousehole

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As dreams go Judy and Paul Joel’s desire to run their own gallery was simple enough and one that many artists can relate to, but few pursue. The two former BBC employees, and artists in the their own right, made the momentous decision eight years ago whilst on holiday in the Maldives.

Mousehole Wharf

Mousehole Wharf – Judy Joel

Judy and Paul have created a haven of art, hidden, but not too hidden, in the streets of Mousehole The Little Picture Gallery. The works exhibited are a wide mix of representational, traditional, naïve and idiosyncratic.

The gallery’s two floors almost overflow with the creative endeavours of those whose works Judy and Paul have chosen to display.

Sitting behind the till area Judy can be found at work on her own paintings. Colourful images of places visited, lived in and people observed, her work shares pride of place with many other colourful displays produced by friends and family.

It is not just Judy producing beautiful pieces of work, husband Paul produces stunning photographic images, daughter Bethany uses textiles in her creative work and son Tim paints images based on his life in Thailand and Taiwan.

Judy Joel of the Little Picture Gallery

Judy Joel of the Little Picture Gallery

Judy ackowledges that her being an artist and her dream of having her own gallery have had an effect on everyone in the family: “They have lived with my dream of having my own gallery – all their lives, and I dare say that the ‘Art’ they have been surrounded with all their lives has coloured their own lives too…and the directions they went in.”

Of course the works on offer at the gallery are not just a family affair, but there are many friends and acquaintances with works upon the gallery’s walls.

With fresh ideas and new artists in addition to those better known names, the gallery is exciting and fun to visit.


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