Down by the Sea: Newlyn Harbour Design Centre

Down by the Sea: Newlyn Harbour Design Centre

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We spoke to Juliet Taylor about the appeal of the Newlyn Harbour Design Centre.

An architectural interior designer to The Houses of Parliament for 13 years, Juliet Taylor eventually felt the call of the sea too much to bear. “I’d been coming to Cornwall since the 1970s and just fell in love with surfing – I had to come back!” Such was Juliet’s love for the coast that it may even have had an impact on her creative eye, leading to the creation of the Newlyn Harbour Design Centre. The store is a hub of maritime design, located right by the sea with a refreshingly colourful range of hammocks, cushions, aprons, hats and bunting.

Newlyn Harbour Design Centre

Apart from this, the centre also offers a bespoke interior design service having already worked with a number of high-profile clients such as Bath University.

“As a member of the British Institute of Interior Design I aim to work with restaurants, hotels and offices,” explains Juliet, “but we also want to bring our contemporary and period furniture and fabrics into the home too.”

A new look won’t break the bank either – the service ranges from a complete refurbishment down to a pair of curtains which are skilfully sown by a team of local seam stresses.

Newlyn Harbour Design Centre

With a desire to be a little different, Juliet brings the popular seaside look and feel to any space in which she works. “I think there’s wonderful light in Cornwall”, she says, explaining her passion for maritime design, “it brought the Newlyn artists here and I think people just love vibrant colour.”

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