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Porthcurno has a unique historic provenance: this is where the telegraph cables that linked Britain with its Empire and other nations came ashore. The valley was the hub of international cable communications from 1870-1970 and also training college for the communications industry until 1993. Porthcurno was the largest cable station in the world.

Our collection is unique in its completeness. We have the only working cable station (complete in all details except the actual cable) in the world. We also have all the supporting materials and associated ephemera that are rarely preserved with such collections. Porthcurno also had one of the earliest commercial wireless stations in 1902 so we are able to show the emerging competition between cable and wireless technology.

The ethos of the museum is to have as much as possible to be demonstrated in working order. To keep the collections working we rely on the knowledge and support of a dedicated team of volunteers.

The role of the cable station and the training school at Porthcurno has had a significant impact on the valley and local communities. The museum is now a focus for representing local history as well as communications technology.

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    Porthcurno Telegraph Museum, Eastern House, Porthcurno, Cornwall.

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    Porthcurno Telegraph Museum

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