From City to Country – Cornwall’s World War II Evacuees.

From City to Country – Cornwall’s World War II Evacuees.

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Considered one of the biggest mass movements of people in British history, the evacuation of nearly three million children from cities to the country during the Second World War not only split families apart, but its significance irrevocably shaped the lives Screen shot 2017-03-29 at 3.58.15 PM 1of these children for decades to follow. For the evacuees, their lives and stories were sharply disrupted for several years, and for those who returned home after the war, they remained intrinsically connected to their second home.

In the latest issue, Alice Dempsey was lucky enough to speak to two historical authors, Susan Soyinka and Gillian Mawson about their exploration into wartime Cornwall, and the intriguing stories that came from this turning point in history.

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